Teaching Sites

A Maritime medical experience

When you participate in Dalhousie's family medicine residency program, you have the opportunity to work with one of our eleven programs, based in ten teaching sites across the Maritime provinces. You'll benefit from our community-based practices, while working alongside faculty in a variety of locations. And because we ensure that the core elements of family medicine are taught at a high standard, you can rest assured that no matter the site you're placed, you'll receive a strong educational experience.


Annapolis Valley

Experience rural family medicine while receiving training in a larger regional centre. (Intro video 4:00)


Cape Breton - Sydney

Nurture and develop your skills in a friendly collegial atmosphere, where family physicians and specialists work side by side. Intro video (4.55 min)

The Halifax waterfront at sunset, with a view of the cloudy sky and the boardwalk.


Work towards your goals by participating in a supportive and flexible residency program. Intro video (4 min)

Flowerpots, Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada


Enjoy a community-based focus with emphasis on quality care within a patient-centred model. Intro video (4 min)


Prince Edward Island

Find your place in a close-knit community, focused on patient-centred care, evidence based practices and integrated treatments. Intro video (4 min)


Saint John Integrated FMEM

Integrated training for physicians who will practice family and emergency medicine concurrently. iFMEM video (4.56)


Cape Breton - Inverness

Perfect for residents looking for small community and rural life. (Intro video 4:55)



Discouver a multitude of apportunities for hands-on experiences in all aspects of family medicine. Intro video (4 min)



Miramichi’s site is ideal for residents looking for a longitudinal experience in a true community family medicine setting. Intro video (3:45)

DFM_North Nova Waterfall

North Nova

Continuity of experience is maintained, as residents work primarily in the same family medicine environment. Intro video (4.29)


Saint John

Learn the core principles of evidence-based family medicine. Intro video (4 min)


South West Nova

Experience a collegial environment with a full integration of family medicine specialities. Intro video (4.41 min)