Patient Care

Strong clinical care and tertiary referral centre for Maritime Canada

At the Division of Clinical Dermatology and Cutaneous Science, we provide tertiary care service for patients within the Halifax region and from across the Maritime provinces. We also provide consultation to patients at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, the IWK Health Centre, and the Dartmouth General Hospital. Our clinical staff offers consultations, day surgery and phototherapy treatment to approximately 16,000 patients a year.

Outpatient Phototherapy and Treatment Unit

The Dermatology Outpatient Phototherapy and Skin Treatment Unit is the only service of its kind in Maritime Canada. It treats patients with severe skin disease while offering learners and researchers exposure to a unique patient population.

Patients attend on a regular basis—up to five times per week—to receive phototherapy, dressings and other specialized skin treatments from photo technicians and dermatology nurses. Our dermatologists regularly assess patients prior to treatment and are always on-site to give advice during treatment unit hours.


We offer inpatient consultations via telemedicine to rural Nova Scotia communities, as well as communities in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. This service includes weekly consultations and treatment supervision of patients in the Phototherapy Unit at the Aberdeen Hospital. These telemedicine consultations make it possible for remote patients to receive home consultation, follow-up and treatment supervision, without travelling far from home.