Our People

Committed teachers, clinicians and researchers

Our division features a close-knit team made up of three full-time dermatologists based at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, eleven community-based dermatologists and several dedicated staff members. Each one of these members plays an integral role in divisional activities.

We welcome our core residents, the residents from family medicine, internal medicine, pathology and plastic surgery and Dalhousie medical students as they rotate through the division—and we consider them all important members of our team.

Faculty members

Name Academic rank Special interest
Dr. Kerri Purdy
Division head / service chief
Associate professor Residency Education
Dr. Peter Green Professor Pediatric Dermatology
Dermatologic Surgery
Dr. Peter Hull Professor Research
Community based
Dr. Mary Lou Baxter
Assistant professor Female Genital Dermatology
Dr. Ariel Burns
Assistant professor
Dr. Natalie Cunningham Assistant professor Pediatric Dermatology
Dr. Christopher J. Gallant
Assistant professor Dermatological Surgery
Dr. Caroline Heughan
Assistant professor  
Dr. Colleen Kelly
Dr. Richard Langley
Professor Skin Cancers and Lymphomas
Dermatological Surgery
Dr. Michael Stevens
Assistant professor  
Dr. Ashley Sutherland Assistant professor  
Dr. M. Theresa Torok
Assistant professor  
Dr. Rob Tremaine
Assistant professor Phototherapy

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Sylvia Pasternak Pathology
Dr. Noreen Walsh Pathology

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Kathy Baxter
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Laura Finlayson
QEII HSC / IWK Health Centre
Dr. Robert Hayes
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Anne-Marie Hunt
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Douglas Keeling
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Stacey Northgrave
(assistant professor)
Northside General
Dr. Irina Turchin
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers