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Cross Appointments


Name Cross from
Dr. Syed Sibte Raza Abidi Faculty of Computer Science
Dr. Rebecca Dobson Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. James Fraser Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Robert Miller Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Pollen Yeung College of Pharmacy

Clinical Dermatology & Cutaneous Science

Name Cross from
Dr. Sylvia Pasternak Pathology
Dr. Noreen Walsh Pathology

Digestive Care & Endoscopy

Name Cross from
Dr. Anthony Otley Pediatrics
Dr. Mohsin Rashid Pediatrics
Dr. Johan Van Limbergen Pediatrics

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Name Cross from
Dr. Philip Acott Pediatrics
Dr. David B. Clarke Neurosurgery
Dr. Elizabeth Cummings Pediatrics
Dr. Bassam Nassar Pathology

General Internal Medicine

Name Cross from
Dr. Sarah Dyack Pediatrics
Dr. Babar Haroon Critical Care
Dr. Sandhya Parkash Pediatrics
Dr. Lynette Penney Pediatrics
Dr. David Skidmore Pediatrics
Dr. Anthony Vandersteen Pediatrics

Geriatric Medicine

Name Cross from
Dr. Susan Bowles College of Pharmacy
Dr. John Fisk Psychiatry
Dr. Mary Gorman Family Medicine
Dr. Susan Howlett Pharmacology
Dr. Susan Kirkland Community Health & Epidemiology


Name Cross from
Dr. Conrad Fernandez Pediatrics
Dr. Ketan Kulkarni Pediatrics

Infectious Diseases

Name Cross from
Dr. Ross Davidson Pathology
Dr. David Haldane Pathology
Dr. Todd Hatchette Pathology
Dr. Jason Leblanc Pathology
Dr. Tasha Ramsey College of Pharmacy

Medical Oncology

Name Cross from
Dr. Margot Burnell Radiation Oncology / SJRH


Name Cross from
Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys


Name Cross from
Dr. Gail Eskes
Dr. Alan Fine
Physiology & Biophysics

Palliative Medicine

Name Cross from
Dr. Brenda Sabo
School of Nursing

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Name Cross from
Dr. Shaun Boe
School of Physiotherapy
Dr. Marilyn MacKay-Lyons
School of Physiotherapy
Dr. Diane MacKenzie
School of Occupational Therapy
Dr. Jordan Sheriko Pediatrics


Name Cross from
Dr. Adam Huber
Dr. Bianca Lang
Dr. Suzanne Ramsey
Dr. Elizabeth Stringer Pediatrics

DOM Education Committee

Name Cross from
Dr. Anna MacLeod
Division of Medical Education