Division Head Message

An emerging medical specialty and inspiring career choice

In our rapidly aging population, palliative medicine is becoming an increasingly important specialty within medicine. Palliative medicine specialists focus on providing excellent care and support to adults of all ages at what is often the most difficult and vulnerable time in a patient’s life.

Patients, families, residents and medical students benefit from a nationally recognized team of palliative medicine professionals here at Dalhousie. We teach and encourage learners to fully appreciate the impact of appropriate care at end of life and to become proficient in providing that care as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Palliative medicine is a relatively new medical specialty and an inspiring medical career choice. Often, people think of palliative medicine as serving the dying, but palliative care physicians provide care and comfort to people of all ages with serious, chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Further, evidence shows that the early integration of palliative care in the patient’s treatment improves quality of life and even lengthens lives.

The practice of palliative medicine is ideal for physicians who enjoy complex challenges and working on multi-professional teams, and who cope well with difficult circumstances. It is an immensely satisfying career that offers the ability to make a meaningful difference for patients and their families at a time when care and support have never been more important.


Dr. David Dupere
Division head / service chief, Division of Palliative Medicine