Our People

Integrating care, teaching and research

Faculty within the Division of Palliative Medicine are specially trained physicians from a variety of medical and health care backgrounds. Our faculty bring a broad and experienced perspective to the care of patients with advanced illness. We work with patients and their families in hospital, home and community settings and are actively involved in teaching, research, and quality and patient care initiatives.

Faculty members

Name Academic rank
Dr. David Dupere
Division head / service chief
Associate professor
Dr. Jeff Dempster Associate professor
Dr. Erin Gorman Corsten Assistant professor
Dr. Robin Grant Assistant professor
Dr. Robert Horton Associate professor
Dr. Anne Marie Krueger-Naug Assistant professor

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Brenda Sabo
School of Nursing

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Jennifer Gillis-Doyle
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Debra Gowan
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Paul McIntyre
QEII Health Sciences Centre