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Chief Medicine Residents

January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Dr. Douglas Motomura, PGY3, Co-chief medicine resident (Halifax)

Home Town: Scarborough, Ontario
Medical School: Western University

Why were you interested in this leadership role?

The previous chiefs were definitely people I looked up to, and wanted to emulate in life. They were always friendly, approachable and great advocates for us. I wanted to pass that along for the next group of residents.

What unique contribution do you hope to make?

Being from away, I want to ensure that the transition for residents coming from out of province is as smooth as possible. I remember the difficulties of making such a big change in your life, but it was definitely worth it!

How will you know if you are successful?

If all my fellow residents can feel well supported and happy throughout residency, we have achieved our goal!

Dr. Shannon Murphy, PGY3, Co-chief medicine resident (Halifax)

Dr. Andrea Letourneau, PGY3, Chief medicine resident (Saint John)

Home Town: Westlock, Alberta
Medical School: University of Calgary

Why were you interested in this leadership role?

Saint John Internal Medicine is a growing program with a lot to offer it's residents, and I wanted to be a part of expanding and improving our program. I also have a passion for involving and representing the interests of the residents in the process of growth.

What unique contribution do you hope to make?

My goals as Chief are to be as approachable as possible for the residents and to support a collegial and safe learning environment. Resident investment is also very important to ensure that the direction of the program follows what our residents want. Greater investment will lead to greater progress.

How will you know if you are successful?

Having residents approach me with concerns and comments demonstrates trust, and I do my best to see their concerns heard. Implementation of various roles within the program was completed shortly after I started, and the positions were filled quickly. All the involved residents have contributed to changes or additions to the program.

Dr. Eric Pond, PGY3, Medicine Teaching Unit (MTU) Chief (Halifax)

Home Town: Fredericton, NB
Medical School: Dalhousie Medicine, Saint John site

Why were you interested in this leadership role?

I believe the Medical Teaching Unit lies at the core of every Internal Medicine program. It is where as core residents we spend a great deal of our time, and a place where we interact with various learners from other specialties and all the valued members of our health care team. What excites me about this role is the chance to serve as a voice for residents on how to best work towards providing a valuable and welcoming experience for the variety of learners rotating through, while delivering high quality patient care.

What unique contribution do you hope to make?

As an advocate for our residents I will strive to support and bring changes that improve the efficiency of both our inpatient MTU experience, as well as our consulting coverage in the emergency department. This includes improvements to the rounding experience as well as the process of receiving and managing consults in the emergency department.

How will you know if you are successful?

Continuous quality improvement requires frequent re-evaluation. Being available to my fellow residents to receive frequent feedback will allow me to gauge the success of the changes made, as well as new issues as they arise.