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Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
IWK Health Centre
5850/5980 University Avenue
P.O. Box 9700
Halifax Nova Scotia
Canada B3K 6R8
Phone: 902-470-8888

Kelly Maher
Director, finance and administration
Phone: 902-470-6657
Fax: 902-425-1125
Email: kelly.maher@iwk.nshealth.ca

Coralee Gallant
Administrative coordinator
Phone: 902-470-6456
Fax: 902-425-1125
Email: coralee.gallant@iwk.nshealth.ca

Tess Williams
Executive assistant to the department head and director of finance and administration
Phone: 902-470-6460
Fax: 902-425-1125
Email: tess.williams@iwk.nshealth.ca

Mary Boudreau
Education coordinator
Phone: 902-470-6675
Fax: 902-425-1125
Email: mary.boudreau@iwk.nshealth.ca

Janet Slaunwhite
Administrative research coordinator
Phone: 902-470-6464
Fax: 902-425-1125
Email: janet.slaunwhite@iwk.nshealth.ca