An all-in-one facility

You’ll find our 34,000-square foot Eye Care Centre at the Victoria General site of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax—an adult ophthalmic care facility that’s been integrated into our residency training program and comprehensive clinical research.

This facility offers an opportunity that’s rarely found in Canadian university ophthalmology programs—the chance to participate in hands-on clinical work and conduct informed research. The arrangement also provides an excellent place to conduct clinical trials and short- and long-term studies, in an efficient and patient-focused way.

While other centres in Canada are equipped to carry out clinical trials, there aren’t many that have the amount of investigative material we have, all in one place.

And since the Eye Care Centre was designed with patient needs in mind, we’ve made sure it’s accessible, convenient and comfortable. As the tertiary referral centre for ophthalmology in Atlantic Canada, it has its own surgical suites (4) performing all forms of advanced ocular surgery, with over 7,500 surgeries/year. It serves a community of 2,376,000 and treats about 47,000 patients a year.

The IWK Health Centre offers a similar research unit for pediatric services. They serve over 10,000 patients in their Eye Clinic each year.

Rising high

Our Eye Care Centre meets the high standards set by major pharmaceutical firms for clinical trials, and our professional staff has earned an excellent reputation in:

  • enrollment
  • record completion
  • adherence to time frames
  • quality of observations
  • subject compliance and retention

Research possibilities

Our major focus is in glaucoma, retinal disease, ocular genetics, and paediatric ophthalmology. But the Eye Care Centre is also equipped to handle a wide variety of clinical trials for things like anterior segment disease, or the study of macular diseases.