Progression of Glaucoma

An essential but challenging aspect of managing patients with glaucoma is detecting progression, to determine if the disease worsened. Since glaucoma damage is irreversible, detecting progression early would give ophthalmologists the best opportunity to carry out more tests or adjust treatment accordingly before further damage occurs.

We now know that imaging techniques, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) may detect the progression of glaucoma earlier than our current methods. Our research evaluates how ophthalmologists can best incorporate these new modalities in their clinical practices to reduce the disability caused by the disease.  Our centre is renowned for this research with long and careful follow-up of glaucoma patients and healthy persons, in some cases for over 25 years in research studies.

Healthy (left) vs Glaucomatous (right) optic nerves

Photographs of a healthy optic nerve (left) and an advanced glaucoma optic nerve (right).