IT Help

We wanted to give you some help for a few of the most common IT questions we receive.

The NSHA IT Self Service website can be difficult to navigate if you are not familar with it. 

Below you will find help on setting up a new employee with NSHA, Dal, the DOS Deliverables, and the info required for a DOS profile on your Division's Dal website. We have also added some tips on ordering new computers, scanners or to add new applications to your NSHA computer.

Before you submit the request, please send an email to the person you select as the approver so they have a little background on who they are approving.

  1. NSHA new user set up, computer request, scanner request.
  2. Profile on the Department of Surgery website.
  3. DOS Deliverables Dashboard.
  4. email and login.


1. IT Self Service -


  • Setup User Account 

Service and Support > Access > User Access > Set Up User Account

Check to see if they have an old NSHA ID from Med School, Residency, Fellowship or Electives. (Choose new user, or reactivate user), you also need the middle initial if the person you are setting up, if you don’t know add NA.

Near the bottom of that form there is a check box to add in applications.

i. Before starting, make sure you know what applications you require.

ii. See the list of applications on this PDF. This list can change as new applications are added and old applications are removed. (revised May 30, 2024)


  • Remote Access

Service and Support > Access > Remote Access > Remote Access Request

You will have to wait until the User ID is set up (above) before submitting this request

Most of the time staff can log into a virtual machine, and you select Health Applications under “What is the user trying to connect to?” If they need to connect to a specific computer, you will need the Computer’s Asset number.

Please use Butler, Marc as the approver



Service and Support > Access > Application Access > SHARE DIS Request

This is for physicians only.

The online form is very easy, but you need to have a paper form filled out and signed by the staff and their supervisor.

You also need the Doctor’s medical license number and their name as it appears on the license.

Please use this form.


  • New Computer / Equipment request 

Service and Support > Computers and Accessories > Computers > Request new computer

Download this form, complete it, have it signed and send it It you are replacing a computer, please include the asset number of the old computer.

The DOS will supply one computer for each surgeon and admin in the Department. If you are requesting a second computer, the surgeon will be responsible to pay for it. To determine the costs of a computer (desktop or laptop) follow go to the Request New Computer section of the IT Self-Serve, or the Request Computer Accessories, and find the prices. 

Computer leases are for four years, after four years you can upgrade to a new computer but you will keep the original monitor, keyboard and mouse.


  • Scanner request 


Download this form, complete it, have it signed and send it The cost of scanners have changed in the last few years, so we can check on the price when you request it.


Surgeon’s are responsible to pay for scanners.



2. Profile on the Department of Surgery website


Please have a look at other staff profiles in your division to see how long, and what information should be included.

  • Staff Biography 
  • Photo
  • Professor status
  • Contact Information




The DOS enters your clinical data and you are responsible for your, Research, Administration, Teaching tasks. A username and password will be sent to you by Marc Butler, if you do not have one, please contact Marc @ 



4. banner number and login


Banner Number – 

You will be assigned a Dalhousie Identification number unique to you, beginning with “B00 or B01”.   This is used for identification purposes.  Please contact Giselle Romans at  if you have not received your banner ID #.  


Dalhousie ID card – 

To receive your Dal ID card you will require:

1.            Your banner # and net ID.  To get your Net ID you will require your banner number and go to in your browser.  (see below on how to get your Net ID).

If you do not have a Banner number, and you are an admin assistant contact Giselle Romans, Faculty contact Lesli Smith.

2.            Photo and government issued photo ID (uploaded)

Once you have that information go to the link below -

The link below lists the hours of operation and a map. -

Dalcards will be available for pickup at the Dalcard office –

Location - 6230 Coburg Road, Halifax, NS
Phone number - (902) 494-2334
Email -  


Net ID

– To access Dalhousie online resources, you will need to activate your NetID using your Dalhousie identification number beginning with B00.  To proceed with activation, please visit:


Personalize Dalhousie Email 


Your email will be your net which is normally two letters followed by a series of 6 numbers.  This email can be difficult to remember, impersonal and prone to creating confusion if they are not typed correctly.  

Dalhousie offers you the ability to create a unique alias.  Once you go to the link above, Dalhousie will present you with four options.  Three of these options are pre-determined available aliases and the fourth option gives you an opportunity to create your own.  Dalhousie typically recommends – email addresses whenever possible.  You should get a confirmation that the alias has been created and will be able to receive emails within 15 mins unless you choose the 4th option to create your own.   In this case, your email alias must first be approved by an administrator and may take several days.


Dal online 

- Go to and on the top of the page to the right you will see dal online.  You will need your net ID and password to access this.  This allows you to view your pay stub, personal information, tax information (including printing off your yearly T4) and all related benefits.  Please keep your information on this site up to date.  Any questions regarding your payroll, please contact Giselle Romans at