Accolades and honours

Our faculty and learners are often recognized for outstanding accomplishments and achievements:

Dr. David Forner - Dr. Robert Stone Traveling Fellowship

Dr. Forner has taken a years leave from his residency to complete his Masters  in Epidemology at the Univeristy of Toronto.

Dr. David Forner - Killam Post-Graduate Award

Dr. Jonathan Melong - Charles Ferguson Award

Dr. Melong recieved this award for Best Clinical Research at the American Society of Pedatric Otolaryngolgy Annual Meeting in Austin, Tx

Dr. David Forner - Ross Steward Smith Fellowship in Medical Research

Dr. Ayham Al Afif - Second place for Best Clinical Research

Dr. Al Afif recieved this award at the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology Annual meeting in Austin, Tx

Dr. Matthew Rigby - Gold Winner Health Care Quality Team category NSHA Quality Award for 2019

Dr. Rigby won the NSHA Gold Quality Award 2019 for recognition of outstanding contriubtion to quality and patient safety, within the Health Care Quality Team Award Category with his team:

Dr. Matthew Rigby, Dr. Peter Horwich, Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys, Colleen Caines, Dr. Martin Bullock, Dr. Mark Taylor, Dr. Jonathan Trites, Colin MacKay

"Implementation of an intraoperative margin assessment protocol for head and neck cancer surgery"