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Mr. Richard J. Currie makes significant donation to Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

Posted by Erinor Jacob on October 17, 2012 in News

On Thursday, October 11, 2012 Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick hosted a Dalhousie University Alumni Reception. At the reception, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick’s Medical Research Campaign received a generous donation of $250,000 from Mr. Richard J. Currie as part of the larger Bold Ambitions: The Campaign for Dalhousie.

“As Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick, it is my pleasure to support Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. With much of our industry still resource based and largely heavy industry, occupational medicine is a vital contribution to improving workers health and safety,” stated Mr. Richard J. Currie.

The $250,000 donation will be used to support the development of the Research Chair in Occupational Medicine. The NB based Chair will foster the growth and expansion of Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick’s research program and the Province of New Brunswick’s research capacity.

“As our Class of 2014 enters their 3rd year of studies, we are pleased to be announcing Mr. Currie’s gift. The generous support from individuals like Mr. Currie strengthens Dalhousie’s research program for the benefit of all in the Maritimes,” stated Dr. Tom Marrie, Dean of Dalhousie Medical School. “The research that will be conducted here grows our health research capacity in the Maritime region and will foster improvements in healthcare and the training of physicians.”

The Research Chair in Occupational Medicine will promote training, research, and development in workplace risk management and occupational medicine. Emphasis will be on workplace health and safety, and accident prevention. The Chair will provide knowledge and advice for employers and physicians across New Brunswick.

“We have taken significant steps this past year in the establishment of a research program at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, including the construction of a biomedical research laboratory, the recruitment of new researchers, and the creation of a Chair in Occupational Medicine. Through this work we are achieving our goal of increasing health research capacity in New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Mr. Currie’s gift aids us in our goal. Medical research does not happen in a silo – it has impacts throughout the community including improvements in disease prevention and treatment, and better trained physicians,” Dr. Anthony Reiman, Assistant Dean of Research at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick mentioned.


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