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Faculty of Medicine presents annual Awards of Excellence in Leadership

Posted by Kate Rogers on June 21, 2024 in News
The Faculty of Medicine presented the annual Awards of Excellence in Leadership on June 19, 2024. (photos: Danny Abriel)
The Faculty of Medicine presented the annual Awards of Excellence in Leadership on June 19, 2024. (photos: Danny Abriel)

On June 19, 2024, faculty, staff, and students in the Faculty of Medicine gathered to celebrate and acknowledge the incredible contributions of staff and those in senior academic leadership positions.   

When we released our updated strategic plan, Realizing Our Ambition, last year, we introduced a new stream of work dedicated to showing respect and appreciation for the people who make our collective accomplishments possible. Valuing People focuses on what improvements or changes we can make as an organization to make the Faculty of Medicine a great place to work and study.  

Awards ceremonies, like the Awards of Excellence in Leadership Ceremony on June 19, are a perfect opportunity for us to acknowledge the hard work of our people and take a step closer to creating a positive work environment that fosters well-being and supports career growth. 

The individuals that were recognized are making the most of their time at the Faculty of Medicine, seizing opportunities and opening themselves up to new experiences and perspectives. They are a reminder of what can be accomplished through leadership, passion, and engagement.  

Below you will read about the many achievements and accomplishments of our award recipients.  

The Ryan Clow Team Collaboration Award: Inclusive Pathways to Medical Professions (IPMP) team

The IPMP team excels in relationship building through dedicated, innovative, and collaborative efforts to support Black/African Nova Scotian and Indigenous students in the Medical Sciences program. Their success is due to strong coordination among diverse roles, enabling them to quickly address student needs, from academic advising to emergency services. Deep involvement with local communities, including educational conferences and community visits, has built trust and highlighted the Faculty of Medicine’s commitment to addressing educational disparities. By providing comprehensive support, including mentorship, financial aid, and academic tutoring, with input from various stakeholders, the IPMP ensures cultural responsiveness and fosters a nurturing environment. This extensive community engagement has strengthened the Faculty’s reputation, increased trust, and promoted cultural competency and inclusivity, aligning with the Faculty's goals of valuing people and engaging society.

Professional and Managerial Leadership Award: Dr. Shawna O’Hearn

Dr. Shawna O’Hearn's tenure as Director of the Office of Community Partnerships and Global Health showcases her exceptional competency in relationship building and strategic leadership. Under her guidance, the office has expanded to lead social accountability initiatives, fostering collaborations with international partners, community organizations, donors, and academic institutions. Shawna has established alliances with universities and non-profits in India, the Caribbean, and West Africa, enhancing global health education and supporting the university's commitment to social accountability. She integrates diversity and inclusion into policies and curricula, fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity. Shawna's dedication to global health equity and empowerment makes her an exemplary leader and role model.

Academic Leadership Award: Dr. Jennifer Hall

Dr. Hall's exceptional leadership as Associate Dean at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) has profoundly transformed medical education and research. She fostered meaningful connections with colleagues, stakeholders, and students, establishing longitudinal integrated clerkship sites in four New Brunswick communities and expanding admissions to create a more inclusive cohort. Her collaborative and proactive approach during the pandemic ensured safety and support while maintaining educational quality. Dr. Hall's genuine leadership, characterized by active listening, clear communication, and mentorship, has significantly advanced DMNB's mission, strengthening its reputation in healthcare education, research, and community engagement.

Leadership in Administrative, Clerical & Technical Support Award: Rattina Dasse Nadaradjan

Since 2010, Dasse has been a Senior Lab Technologist at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB), excelling in the Anatomy and Research Lab. He played a key role in establishing a new research lab, coordinating equipment purchases, and resolving infrastructure challenges. Dasse liaises with UNB Saint John facilities management to address operational issues, manages equipment tenders and vendor training, and provides technical support and WHMIS training. His professionalism and willingness to assist, even outside working hours, make him invaluable. Dasse supports award-winning student research projects, significantly advancing DMNB's research capabilities.

Emerging Leader Award: Timi Idris

Timi, who is the manager of Promoting Leadership in Health for African Nova Scotians (PLANS), exemplifies exceptional relationship-building skills aligned with the Faculty of Medicine’s Strategic Plan. She promotes inclusivity and collaboration, mentoring students from junior high to medical school and leading programs that raise health career awareness among African Nova Scotian youth. Timi proactively dismantles barriers and broadens access for historically marginalized communities, advancing equity through initiatives like the Black Learners Admissions Pathway. Her partnerships with Dalhousie faculty and external organizations enhance research and community engagement for Black students. Timi's empathetic, inclusive leadership and dedication to student success make her an ideal candidate for the Emerging Leader Award.

Do you know a Faculty of Medicine staff or faculty member deserving of recognition? Nominate them for People First.