The mission of Dalhousie University's Faculty of Medicine is to drive excellence in health and health care through world-class medical education and research, and our commitment to social accountability. The Faculty of Medicine is responsible for providing a program of undergraduate medical study such that graduates have the knowledge, skills, professional behaviours and attitudes necessary to enter the supervised practice of medicine in Canada.

Graduates must be able to diagnose and manage health problems and provide comprehensive, compassionate care to their patients while working collaboratively with patients, families, peers, and allied health professionals.

Students in the MD program must possess essential abilities and skills for the study and practice of medicine. Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine’s Technical Standards document outlines and describes these essential abilities and skills and can be found here.

Prospective applicants and students are expected to review this document to assess their ability to meet these standards. Students who require disability-related accommodation are responsible for notifying the medical school so that reasonable and appropriate accommodation can be provided in a timely manner and reduce risk of delaying the start or progress of the program.

The Admissions Office facilitates and processes all undergraduate applications for the Faculty of Medicine.  Entrance to the Dalhousie MD program is currently 134 students annually:

  • 79 positions for Nova Scotia residents at the Halifax Campus
  • 30 positions for Nova Scotia residents at the Cape Breton Medical Campus 
  • 40 positions for New Brunswick residents at the Saint John, New Brunswick Campus
  • 6 positions for Prince Edward Island residents at the Halifax Campus
  • 9 positions for Other Canadian residents at the Halifax Campus

The number of positions are subject to change and will be updated on the Dalhousie Medicine Admissions website. Admission by transfer is not available for the undergraduate medical education program.

Dalhousie Medicine presently has two physical campuses. Seat allocation to each campus is based on an applicant's place of residence.

Admissions Committee

Successful candidates for entry to the undergraduate medical education program are determined by the Admissions Committee, whose decision is final. Academic and non-academic factors are considered by the Admissions Committee through its admissions processes and procedures.

The Admissions Committee, which is a standing committee of Faculty Council, is a large committee which includes representation from clinical faculty and basic science research faculty in the Faculty of Medicine, other Dalhousie Faculties, medical students and community members

Admissions requirements and processes are reviewed by the Admissions Committee annually. 

Changes to admission requirements

Admissions requirements are reviewed annually and the admissions requirements from previous years may not apply. Please monitor our website for up-to-date information.