Place of Residence

Admission to the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine undergraduate MD program is determined based on four applicant categories: one for each Maritime province (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) and a fourth for Non-Maritime residence which includes all other Canadian provinces and territories.  Applications from Non-Canadian Citizens/Non-Permanent Residents are not currently accepted.

Residency Policy

The governments of the Maritime provinces provide funding for a certain number of seats from each province. Residence of the Maritime provinces is defined by this policy.

For the purpose of applying to Dalhousie Medical School, you are considered a resident of a Maritime Province if you meet the following:

You are a Canadian citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident AND you meet the criteria in 1 of the 4 categories below:

1.    You are an independent student** (see definition below) and have resided continuously in a Maritime province for one period of twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2). This excludes time spent as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution       

2.    You are a dependent student** (see definition below) and your parents, or guardian resided in a Maritime province for one period of twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2)

3.    You have completed 6 consecutive years of post-secondary education in the same Maritime Province, immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2)

4.    You have been on active duty as an RCMP police officer or as a member of the Regular Force of the Canadian Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2)


For the purposes of this policy, the term:
  • "Full-time student" means you are enrolled in a post-secondary education program for at least 60% of the regular course load, or 40% if you are disabled, including internships and practicum's.
  • "Independent student" means you meet, at minimum, one of the following conditions:
    • have been out of high school for four years
    • have been in the work force for two periods of 12 consecutive months and were not a full-time student during this period
    • are or were married or common-law
    • have a dependent living with you
    • have no legal guardian or parents are deceased
    • are a permanent ward of a child and family services agency
  • "Dependent student" means you are considered to be financially dependent on parent(s) or guardian(s) AND do not meet the criteria of an independent student

**Please note Independent or Dependent Student status is determined by an individual's status at the time of the start of the academic medical program for which they are applying.

Applicants are required to give complete information on their residency status at the time of application.