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Admission Requirements

What is required

To apply to the undergraduate MD program, a four-year degree in any discipline from an accredited university is required. Although candidates with three-year degrees are occasionally admitted, a four-year degree is strongly preferred.

The Admissions Committee recognizes that the appropriate preparation for the study of medicine can be acquired through many varied educational backgrounds. There are no specific course requirements to apply to the MD program.

To be considered eligible for Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, you must meet our minimum academic requirements (GPA and MCAT) based on your place of residence. In addition to our academic requirements, you must also meet our course load requirements.

New for the 2017-2018 application cycle, all applicants will be required to meet a minimum CASPer score for their applicant category. CASPer


Changes to admission requirements

Admissions requirements are reviewed annually and the admissions requirements from previous years may not apply. Please monitor our website for up-to-date information.