Application Process

Overview of the application process

Are you eligible to apply?

To be considered eligible for admission, all prospective students must meet all minimum academic and non-academic requirements.

Check out the admission requirements to see if you are eligible to apply.

Apply Now - Complete Section 1

Our online application is available on June 15th.  A $70.00 application processing fee is required with Section 1.  The deadline to submit Section 1 of your application is on or before 11:59 pm Atlantic Time July 31st.  Section 1 MUST BE submitted in order to receive Section 2.

It is important to note that the earlier you submit Section 1 of your application the more time you will have to complete the personal statement(s) and supplemental form (Section 2)

Complete Section 2

Section 2 of the online application consists of:

  • Self-Identification 
  • Supporting documents for Indigenous Applicants
  • Supporting statement for applicants in the Black Learners Admissions Pathway
  • Mandatory online entry of course names and grades and unofficial transcript upload
  • Mandatory online entry of MCAT testing date and MCAT results (note: Applicants are required to authorize AAMC to release MCAT scores to Dalhousie Medicine Admissions to verify online entry in Section 2. Applications without official MCAT scores reported from AAMC will not be considered)
  • Mandatory residency verification form
  • Mandatory short answer questions and supplemental information
  • Mandatory for Other Canadian applicants – 250-word statement outlining decisions that contributed to your selection of Dalhousie Medical School
  • Optional personal context questionnaire for Widening Accessibility Stream


Application Processing Fee

Application processing fee ($70.00) is due on or before Sept 4, 2023. 

Online self-service payment at: 


Submit transcripts

Unofficial transcripts from each school listed on your application will be required to be uploaded within Section 2 (due September 4) of the online application. Unofficial transcripts will be used in evaluating applications for admission. Further instructions for this will be included in Section 2 of the application.

Applicants who are selected for an interview will be required to submit official transcripts. Additional information on this will be sent to those invited for interview. If there are discrepancies in your official transcript and the unofficial transcript uploaded in Section 2 this may result in cancellation of your application.

If you have completed undergraduate or graduate studies at Dalhousie, you are not required to submit transcripts as the Admissions Office has access to these online.


If you participated in an exchange program or attended university outside of Canada and the wish to include these courses in the 60 most recent credit hours for GPA calculation, then numerical or alphabetical course grades from the exchange are ​required to be submitted. If alpha-numerical grades for the exchange courses are not reflected on your home university transcript, the applicant is required to obtain a World Education Services ( course by course assessment. This WES assessment is required to be submitted as part of the application.

If your degree is granted from an accredited university outside of Canada a World Evaluation Services course by course assessment is required to be submitted by the Section 2 deadline.  

Mailed transcripts can be sent to:

Admissions & Student Affairs
Clinical Research Centre
5849 University Avenue, Room C-124
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2

Complete and release CASPer scores

CASPer test scores must be completed during the same application cycle in which you are submitting an application. That is, CASPer test scores are valid for one application cycle only.  CASPer results from previous application cycles are not eligible for future application cycles.

CASPer test dates for Dalhousie are usually held in the month of August.

See CASPer Requirements


Release MCAT scores

For each application cycle, the last eligible MCAT test date is in the month of August.

For the 2023-2024 application cycle, the last eligible MCAT test date is August 19, 2023 

MCAT scores must be released from AAMC-MCAT to Dalhousie Medicine Admissions annually.  Applicants and re-applicants are responsible for authorizing AAMC-MCAT to release MCAT scores to Dalhousie Medicine each year.  Dalhousie Medicine cannot access your MCAT scores without the applicant's notification of release to the AAMC.  MCAT scores from previous application cycles will not be automatically applied in future application cycles.

See MCAT Requirement


Interview Invitations

Interview notifications will be distributed via email in early to mid November 2023

See Interview Requirement     

Interview weekend

Interviews for the 2023/2024 application cycle will take place virtually (synchronous style) 

November 25th and November 26th 2023  

Learn more about the interview process.

Decision Letters

All decision letters are distributed via email usually in March each year.

TIPS for applying

This document contains information you may find helpful if you are a new applicant or if you are someone who has decided to re-apply.

Tips for applying - [PDF - 200 kB]


File Review

Admissions Committee meets regularly between October and March to complete application file reviews including Personal Statements: Short Answer Questions and Supplemental Forms.

Verifiers listed in applications are contacted by email and/or phone by the Admissions Office between November and February. It is STRONGLY recommended that applicants inform their verifiers of their medical school application. Consider informing your verifiers that they may be contacted during this period, and to check their email and junk mail folders. If a verifier does not respond to the Admissions Office, the activity is considered UNVERIFIED and may adversely impact your application. Discrepancies between applicant information and verifier reponses are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.