Young Alumnus/a of the Year

Recognizing passion and dedication

We first presented this award in 2002. We wanted to recognize Dalhousie Medical School graduates who, in the first two decades of their career, have already made significant contributions, either to a medical school or their community. The contribution can be to clinical practice, teaching, research, or public service.

Dr. Tim Holland (MD'11)


It’s no surprise the Dalhousie Medical Alumni Association is recognizing the outstanding medical contributions of alumnus Dr. Tim Holland as the recipient of the 2019 Young Alumnus of the Year Award. Recipients of this award have made significant contributions to clinical practice, teaching, research, and/or public service. Dr. Tim Holland graduated in 2011 and is one of the youngest alumni to win this award and was recently president of Doctors Nova Scotia.

Past award recipients

2017 Dr. Paige Moorhouse (MD'02)

2016 Dr. Raghu Venugopal (MD '01)

2015 Dr. Alexa Bagnell (MD '97)

2014 Dr. Derek Roberts (MD '09)

2013 Dr. Jordan Sheriko (MD '11)

2012 Dr. Duncan Webster (MD '01)

2011 Dr. Nicholas Giacomantonio (PGM '98)

2010 Dr. Simon Jackson (MD '90)

2009 Dr Carman Giacomantonio (PGM '98)

2008 Dr. Heather Scott (MD '88)

2007 Dr. Michael Dunbar (MD '92)

2006 Dr. Andrew D. Badley (MD '90)

2005 Dr. Richard Langley (MD '90)

2004 Dr. David Bell (MD '84)