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Post Conference Resources

Please note: presentations are posted for a period of six months after the conference/event.

44th SPRING REFRESHER - Therapeutics

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Heart Failure Guidelines: Top Five Take-Away’s For the Family Physician | Dr. Miroslaw Rajda

Benzodiazepine De-prescribing in the Elderly: A Community Family Medicine Approach | Dr. Susan Bowles

Abortion Care in Nova Scotia — A Changing Landscape | Dr. Lianne Yoshida

Update on Lipid Guidelines | Dr. Thomas Ransom

How I Talk To Patients About Diabetic Drugs | Dr. Thomas Ransom

10 Simple Tips for Improving the Care Of Patients with Depression | Dr. Rudolf Uher

An Exit Plan for Opioids: When, Why, How? | Dr. John Fraser

Improving the Appropriate Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors Using Choosing Wisely Recommendations | Dr. Duane Sheppard

Trouble Shooting Side Effects and First Steps to Try Medication Adjustment in Children with ADHD | Dr. Sarah Manos & Dr. Joanna Holland

Respiratory Disease Vaccinations: Preventing Influenza, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, and Pertussis in Adult Patients | Dr. Shelly McNeil

Collaborative Management of Adolescent Eating Disorders | Dr. Herbert Orlik

What’s New in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis | Dr. Roger McKelvey

What's New in IBS with Diarrhea | Dr. Geoffrey Turnbull

What is New in COPD: Times Are Changing! | Dr. Meredith Chiasson

Hepatitis C Update on New Treatments | Dr. Kevork Peltekian

PTSD...a Brief History and Treatment | Dr. Duncan Veasey

Movement is Medicine | Dr. Jonathon Fowles

Cannabis for Medical Purposes Update: The Essentials for Effective Practice | Dr. Michael Allan

Pearls in Thrombosis Update for Family Physicians: A Case-Based Approach | Dr. Sudeep Shivakumar

Hyperemesis Cannabinoid Syndrome | Dr.Constance LeBlanc

Jeopardy: Rapid-Fire Pearls for Common Primary Care Presentations | Dr. Michael Allan

What's New, True, and Poo: Evidence Updates for Clinically Relevant Primary Care Topics  |  Dr. Michael Allan

Dermatology Therapeutics Update for Family Physicians | Dr. Richard Langley

Assessment and Management of Medically Unexplained Symptoms | Dr. Allan Abbass

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There: Brief Topics in Care Of the Elderly | Dr. Michael Allan

Digoxin Therapy: Lest We Forget (When and How To Use It) | Dr. Masis Perk

Choosing Wisely Pediatrics: Are We Choosing Wisely? | Dr. Kathryn Bigsby

Focus on Incontinence | Dr. Padraic O’Malley

Changes to the Regulatory Approach towards Sexual Boundry Violations | Marjorie Hickey, QC


2018 Choosing Wisely with Academic Detailing | October 12-14

Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) | Dr. Sam Campbell

The Flozins' Quest for Clarity | Ms. Isobel Fleming & Dr. Brian Moses

Your cases from Choices in CNCP | Ms. Isobel Fleming & Dr. Maureen Allen