Conference Resources

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96th Annual Dalhousie Fall Refresher - November 24-26, 2022

Please note: Presentations are posted as received. 

Thursday Presentations: 

Updates from the Cancer Screening Programs
Breast Cancer Screening
with Dr. Sian Iles
Nova Scotia Lung Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program with Dr. Daria Manos

Friday Presentations: 

Climate Change: Causes, clinical implications, and solutions with Dr. Desmond Leddin

The ABC of the CBC with Dr. Maude Landry

Anemia: Investigations and management of common causes with Dr. Maude Landry

Contemporary Topics in Early Antenatal Care with Dr. Shifana Lalani

My Patient is a Veteran: What to Know with Dr. Burton McCann and Dr. Heather MacKinnon

Update on Treatment of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) with Dr. Steven Soroka

Monkeypox with Dr. Todd Hatchette

What is New in Oncology with Dr. Bruce Colwell

Saturday Presentations: 

Ingrained Bias in Medicine: “I’m not racist” — but we are with Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed

Ticks and Associated Infections in NS - Local updates, Prophylaxis and Treatment with Dr. Ian Davis

Behavior Problems vs ADHD in Children especially Young Children with Dr. Drew Yamada

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): What we know and what we don't with Dr. Santokh Dhillon

Assessing Patient Capacity: A daunting but important task with Dr. Alethea Lacas

Approach to Driving & Dementia with Dr. Alex Rogers

Discharging Your Patient with Dr. Gus Grant

2022 Update on Sport Concussion Assessment and Management with Dr. Jennifer A Fletcher

Update on the Assessment and Management of Microscopic Hematuria with Dr. Jon Moore

Prostate Cancer Screening in 2022: Who, When, and How with Dr. Ross Mason

Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addictions Program Resources: 

Evidence-Informed Care with Dalhousie Academic Detailing Conference - Oct 29 & 30, 2022

Please note: Presentations are posted as received. 

Biologics, Biosimilars and Your Practice; The Nuts and Bolts with Dr. Stephen Miller

Psychiatric Pearls: An Overview of Medications used in Common Psychiatric Disorders in Adults with Dr. Yvonne Libbus

Reducing Anticholinergic Burden with Dr. Edith Baxter and Natasha Rodney-Cail

Short & Snappy Series: Drug Safety with Jennifer Fleming, Michelle ten Brinke, Kelly MacKinnon

Short & Snappy Series: Academic Detailing Updates with Jennifer Fleming, Michelle ten Brinke, Kelly MacKinnon

Atlantic Canada Stroke Conference - Oct 21 & 22, 2022

Please note: Presentations are posted as received. 

Optimizing Learning & Memory in Stroke Rehabilitation Dr. Gail Eskes

Supported Conversation for Aphasia Post-Stroke with Sarah O’Neill