Post Conference Resources

Please note: presentations are posted for a period of six months after the conference/event.

45th Annual Dalhousie Spring Refresher | March 7-9th, 2019

IN CONTROL: Long-acting insulins for the management of type 2 diabetes | Dr. Thomas Ransom 

Update in Common Pediatric Infections | Dr. Joanne Langley 

Mifepristone Abortion in Your Office: What you need to know | Dr. Lianne Yoshida

The diagnosis and management of Lyme disease in Nova Scotia - References | Dr. Todd Hatchette  

Choices Before Opioids for CNCP | Dr. Edith Baxter & Isobel Fleming

Drug-drug interactions that are important in geriatrics | Dr. Gary Altenkirk 

CBT Express to Improve Patient Health and Wellness: 5-minute effective behaviour activation tools for use in routine care | Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy 

Update on H. Pylori Treatment and Risks of PPI Therapy | Dr. Stacey Williams 

Update on Hypertension | Dr. Rosario Rebello 

Outpatient management of constipation and diarrhea in patients with IBS | Dr. Geoffrey Turnbull

First Responders and PTSD | Dr. Kenneth J. Cooper 

Buprenorphine/Naloxone for Opiate Use Disorder: Prescribing a way out | Dr. Maureen Allen 

Medication and dementia: Things to remember | Dr. Melissa Andrew 

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding | Dr. Brett Vair 

Treating Acute Pain in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder in the Emergency Department | Dr. Maureen Allen 

Lifestyle Prescription in Primary Care | Dr. Jonathon Fowles 

Cannabis: What you and your patients need to know | Dr. John Fraser 

Update in Medications for Type 2 Diabetes | Dr. Ferhan Siddiqi

Acne Therapy Demystified | Dr. Stacey Northgrave 

Pearls in Thrombosis Update for Family Physicians | Dr. Allen Tran 


Management of Ovarian Cancer | Dr. Carole Williams

Dépistage génétiqueGenetic Testing | Nathalie Bolduc 

Mise à jour sur la radiothérapie des cancers du col de l’utérus et du seinUpdate on Cervical and Breast Cancer Radiotherapy | Dr. David D'Souza

Discussion de cas | Case Discussions AM | Dr. Réjean Savoie, Dr. Jocelyne Hébert, Dr. Robyn Comeau, Nathalie Bolduc & Dr. David D’Souza, Moderator: Dr. Joël Gray

Cardio-oncologieCardio-Oncology | Dr. Rina Lee

Management of Breast Cancer Treatment Related Complications and Particularities Regarding Follow-up | Dr. Pierre Whitlock

Dépistage des cancers du col de l’utérus et du seinScreening for Cervical and Breast Cancer | Dr. Réjean Savoie & Dr. Jocelyne Hébert

Gestion des complications liées aux traitements  des cancers gynécologiques et particularités au sujet du suivi| Dr. Carole Williams

Discussion de cas | Case Discussions PM | Dr. Rina Lee, Dr. Pierre Whitlock, Dr. Carole Williams, Moderator: Dr. Julie Arsenault 

2019 New Brunswick Choosing Wisely with Academic Detailing Conference | May 31st - June 2nd, 2019

Perspectives on Risk | Dr. Allison Dysart 

Approach to and Risk Stratification in Chronic Pain Management | Dr. Edie Baxter and Dr. Maureen Allen

Cannabinoids: A Tool in the CNCP Toolbox | Dr. Edie Baxter and Dr. Maureen Allen

The Triple Crown in COPD | Pam McLean-Veysey and Dr. Coleman Black

Minute to Win It Chlorthalidone vs Hydrochlorothiazide | Pam McLean-Veysey and Dr. Allison Dysart

Your Cases from Choices Before Opioids for CNCP | Isobel Fleming and Dr. Maureen Allen 

Antibiotic Challenge | Dr. Edie Baxter and Isobel Fleming

Your Guide to Useful Links | Pam McLean-Veysey