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Upcoming Events & Online Courses

Date                            Event Registration More Information
Oct 20, 9:30 - 10:30am White Fragility Clinic with Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed and Dr. Ajay Parasram | Online Seminar Contact GHO@dal.ca to register See here
Oct 20, 12:00-13:00 Effective ITER’s: Impact, Process and Timelines with Dr. Rob Boulay | Online Seminar  Connect here via Zoom See here
Oct 21, 12:00-13:00 COVID 19 And on it goes…How are we doing? with Dr. Lisa Sutherland and Dr. Carolyn Thomson | Webinar Connect here via MS Teams See here
Oct 26-Nov 30, 2021 Fundamentals of Didactic Teaching | Online Course Register here! See here
Jan 25-Mar 29, 2022 Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking – Phase Two | Online Course Register here! See here
Feb 1-Mar 8, 2022 Educating for Medical Professionalism and Wellness | Online Course Register here! See here
Apr 5-Jun 7, 2022 Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine | Online Course Register here! See here

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Develop your skills by participating in the Faculty Development Program through Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development. As a faculty member, you’ll find a variety of learning opportunities to enhance your skills in our five theme areas shown to the right.

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