Leadership PRN series:
  Leadership PRN is Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine’s podcast for leaders whether formal or informal, established or emerging.  Each episode, Dr. Lara Hazelton, Co-Director of Faculty Development, speaks with local experts about the joys and challenges of leading in the medical environment.  

New episodes are released the first Wednesday of each month, previous episodes on a variety of leadership topics can be found here. Or search “Leadership PRN” on whichever podcast app you prefer. 
Future episodes of the Leadership PRN podcast will cover topics such as whether coaching is right for you, and how leaders can help their teams manage stress.  To suggest a topic or someone you would like to hear interviewed, contact Lara.Hazelton@dal.ca or facdev@dal.ca.

Episode 1: Laura Neals discusses disruptive behaviour in the workplace.

Episode 2: Dr. Varun Dev details his experiences as an early career physician leader.

Episode 3: Dr. David Bowes shares approaches for educating residents about leadership.

Epidode 4: Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed discusses EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility) and serving and engaging society at the Faculty of Medicine.

Epidode 5: Karen Oldfield speaks about her experience working with physician leaders.

Epidode 6: Emma McDermott talks about leadership from a student perspective.

Epidode 7: Dr. Anurag Saxena discusses researching medical leadership.

Epidode 8: Dr. David Anderson discusses his role as Dean of the faculty of medicine at Dalhousie University.

Epidode 9: Dr. Brent Young talks about his role as Academic Director of Indigenous Health at the Faculty of Medicine.

Episode 10: Dr. André Bernard talks about shared leadership and his experience collaborating with organizations.

Episode 11: Dr. Vincent Agyapong talks about collaborating with international partners.

Episode 12: Dr. Ming-Ka Chan talks about Leader Development and Networking.

Episode 13: Dr. Jed Gonzalo talks about his journey and System Citizenship.

Episode 14: Dr. Michael Fleming talks about his career in medical practice and leadership.

Episode 15: Lorie Campbell speaks about the value of leadership coaching.

Episode 16: Dr. Cinera States speaks about advocacy through leadership.

Episode 17: Dr. Jennifer Hall speaks about Distributed Education

Episode 18: Dr. John Sapp speaks about Leading Research

Wellness podcast series

Dr Cooper speaks to members of the Faculty of Medicine who have a personal story to share that touches on wellness, burnout, mental health and humanity and leads to the shared development of a psychologically safe culture.

Episode One | Dr Angela Cooper speaks to Dr David Saunders about his recovery from alcohol use disorder.   


The Fac Dev Lounge

Hosted by long-time Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) faculty member, Dr. Sarah Gander, the Fac Dev Lounge podcast is a casual, easily accessible online conversation about the hot-button and sometimes controversial topics affecting faculty development at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and beyond.  

The Fac Dev Lounge is available for listening on:

Whether you are a new or experienced faculty member, a student, or a member of the community with an interest in medical education, like and subscribe to The Fac Dev Lounge.

Have any comments, questions or suggestions for future podcasts? Email Angela Hogan.

If you are a faculty member, you can claim MCO Section 2 credits for each full-length podcast episode. Also, please send any medical education questions you would like to hear addressed on The Fac Dev Lounge to dalmedicalpodcast@gmail.com.