R2C2 feedback and coaching resources

R2C2 is an evidence-based reflective model for providing feedback and coaching through an interactive conversation.  It comprises 4 iterative phases:  Relationship, Reaction, Content and Coaching. R2C2 is used extensively in Canada and the US, has been adopted by programs internationally, and has been translated into 4 languages. 

In 2023 it was awarded the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada John Ruedy Award for Innovation in Medical Education. 

A guide for R2C2

R2C2 Guide [PDF - 480 KB]

Annotated R2C2 and coaching skills demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zf0IsAVrlw

This video is an annotated demonstration of the R2C2 phases with particular emphasis on the coaching phase and coaching strategies.  It also demonstrates several important features of feedback and coaching; i.e., it incorporates both longitudinal coaching and in-the-moment coaching following a specific incident. It also demonstrates facilitation and coaching approaches to use in a situation which could be challenging, when the learner has not addressed a sensitive issue and needs guidance to do so.

We’re grateful to Sam Lai MD for contributing his acting skills, and Marygrace Zetkulic MD, for her acting and video editing and annotation contributions.   

Dr Sam Lai is Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Hospitalist and Perioperative Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of California, Irvine Health.   Dr Marygrace Zetkulik is Program Director of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey, and a member of the R2C2 research team. 

R2C2 for group/clinic use

R2C2 for residents and other learners, formal progress meetings

Tri-fold: R2C2 for residents’ formal feedback [PDF-581KB]

Below are links to 2 videos demonstrating the R2C2 model in a formal feedback and coaching discussion with a resident.  The first uses more competency-base language while the second is more generic.  A suggestion while watching the videos is to have the Resident Formal tri-fold in hand and try to identify each of the 4 phases and the phrases the supervisor uses, as well as the resident’s responses. 

Video 1 uses competency based language: https://youtu.be/_cSDQYjUEok

Video 2 uses generic language: https://youtu.be/-ljhCWYujks

Sample Action Plan [PDF - 396KB] 

R2C2 for learners ”In the moment”

Tri-fold: R2C2 for learners in the moment feedback [PDF-561KB]

Included are links to various videos demonstrating the R2C2 model in informal “in-the-moment” feedback and coaching discussions:  Feel free to share these with colleagues, students and residents and use in your faculty development sessions. A suggestion while watching them is to refer to the “In-the-moment” tri-fold to identify each of the 4 phases and the phrases the supervisor uses, as well as the resident’s responses. 

Video 1: a brief conversation with a clinical clerk at the beginning of a day to clarify goals and plan the day.  

https://youtu.be/13tDGRoHL1g - Introduction and planning with a clinical clerk (1.5 minutes)

Video 2: the feedback and coaching discussion with the same clerk at the end of that clinic using the 4 phases of the R2C2 model. 

https://youtu.be/MuEnhqjHOlQ - Feedback and coaching the clinical clerk following history taking  (7 minutes)

Video 3:a feedback/coaching discussion with a resident following a family meeting.

https://youtu.be/N0LFPfDk4HY - Planning for, and feedback and coaching with a resident following a family meeting (6 minutes, 22 seconds)

Video 4: a senior learner with a professionalism issue.  This is the full scenario including the coaching.  Videos 5, 6 divide it up for teaching purposes

R2C2 fellow with professionalism issue complete video

Video 5: R2C2 fellow with professionalism issue - first half up to LCP   (i.e, up to the coaching phase; note - LCP is the “learning change plan” developed in the coaching phase)

Video 6:  R2C2 - fellow with professionalism issue - Coaching Plan

Videos 7, 8 provide two feedback scenarios up to the coaching phase.  They are intended for R2C2 practice and teaching sessions to plan the coaching phase:

Video 7: R2C2 resident labeled as lazy - up to formation of the LCP

Video 8:  R2C2 resident who is high achieving up to the LCP coaching plan

R2C2 for nurses

Research and other resources

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Additional resources on feedback and coaching

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