R2C2 feedback and coaching resources

R2C2 is an evidence-based reflective model for providing feedback and coaching through an interactive conversation. It comprises 4 iterative phases: Relationship, Reaction, Content and Coaching

A guide for R2C2

R2C2 Guide [PDF - 480 KB]

R2C2 for group/clinic use

R2C2 for residents and other learners, formal progress meetings

Tri-fold: R2C2 for residents’ formal feedback [PDF-581KB]

Below are links to 2 videos demonstrating the R2C2 model in a formal feedback and coaching discussion with a resident.  The first uses more competency-base language while the second is more generic.  A suggestion while watching the videos is to have the Resident Formal tri-fold in hand and try to identify each of the 4 phases and the phrases the supervisor uses, as well as the resident’s responses. 

Video 1 uses competency based language: https://youtu.be/_cSDQYjUEok

Video 2 uses generic language: https://youtu.be/-ljhCWYujks

Sample Action Plan [PDF - 396KB] 

R2C2 for learners ”In the moment”

Tri-fold: R2C2 for learners in the moment feedback [PDF-561KB]

Below are links 2 videos demonstrating the R2C2 model in an informal “in-the-moment” feedback and coaching discussion.  The first demonstrates a brief conversation with a learner at the beginning of a day to clarify goals and plan the day.   The second demonstrates the feedback and coaching discussion with the same learner at the end of that clinic using the 4 phases of the R2C2 model. A suggestion while watching it is to have the In-the-moment tri-fold in hand and try to identify each of the 4 phases and the phrases the supervisor uses, as well as the resident’s responses. 

https://youtu.be/13tDGRoHL1g  - introduction and planning (1.5 minutes)

https://youtu.be/MuEnhqjHOlQ   - full feedback at the end of an office day (7 minutes)

R2C2 for nurses


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