Professional Development & Promotion


Promotions & academic career planning

Promotion is one of the ways through which faculty are formally recognised for their academic achievements and career progress.  Below we have gathered pertinent information and various resources to help you find your way.

  • Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure Guidelines for Faculty | Faculty of Medicine
  • Preparing for Promotion | Video (2023)
  • Dr. Lara Hazelton takes us through the promotion criteria and activities to get ready for academic promotion.
    Audience: individuals interested in academic promotion but are at the beginning of their journey and want to learn more.
  • Dr David Anderson outlines the annual promotion process (Continuing Appointment Stream).
    Audience: Department heads, promotion committee chairs, and anyone who is interested in the process.
  • Promotion (Continuing Appointment Stream) (Presentation) | Dr David Anderson (2023) [PDF - 206 KB]
  • Teaching Dossier Resources | Dalhousie Centre for Learning and Teaching
    Audience: Primarily intended for non-clinical faculty who are interested in documenting their approach to teaching and teaching experience.
  • Teaching Dossier Template - Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine [PDF - 505 KB]
  • Audience: as above with a particular focus on incorporating clinical teaching.
  • CV Template [rtf 290 KB]