Continuing Professional Development: Staying current, close to home

Save time and money without compromising excellence in patient care. Dalhousie Medical School’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs give you an easy, convenient way to keep your knowledge current. Whether you’re a health care provider, educator, scholar, or conference planner, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have access to the programs and services you need.

Mission and vision of CPD

Our mission is to promote excellence in healthcare through facilitation of life-long learning, collaboration, and research. We aim to provide current, evidence-based educational opportunities for physicians and other healthcare professionals in all Maritime locations.

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in professional development, gain momentum in faculty development, promote innovation in educational practices, and conduct education research in the pursuit of new knowledge and its translation into practice. By striving for excellence, forging strong relationships with clinical milieus, and serving healthcare professionals and teams, we aim to improve the quality of care in the Maritimes.

Our programs

We develop the programs you want, ensuring that you get the most out of your time. Here are the programs we offer:
    - Conferences and Conference Services
    - Academic Detailing Service
    - Nova Scotia Community Hospital Programs
    - Faculty Development
    - Traineeships
    - Online Courses

Stay informed

Stay informed about our expanding offerings by completing the Physician Data Form [PDF -289 KB] (note: form can be completed electronically)