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Celebrating excellence

Every year, Dalhousie Medical School’s Continuing Professional Development presents a number of awards that highlight individuals who are making an exceptional contribution to supporting others in their efforts to continue their education. Click on the awards below to find out more information.

Dr. Constance LeBlanc (right) presents Dr. Graeme Bethune with the 2014 Lea C. Steeves Award

The Wayne Putnam Award

This award recognizes individuals who consistently contribute in notable ways to the continuing education of Maritime physicians. Those contributions could be in the form of teaching or organizing any form of continuing medical education program.

Considerations for nominations:

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Program development and implementation work
  • Collaborative research in CPD
  • Other activities that, in the view of the nominator, merit consideration given the purpose of the award

To nominate someone:
Please provide a letter detailing the types of activity for which the nominee should be recognized, addressing the following selection criteria:

  • Length of time over which contributions have been made
  • Quality, quantity, variety, and relevancy of CPD programs

Letters should be sufficiently detailed to stand alone in support of the nomination, as additional material will not be reviewed. The only exception is a summary of teaching evaluations, which may be appended to the letter to support nominations involving excellence in teaching.

Please send nominations by email: cpd@dal.ca no later than November 24, 2017.

Please contact Mary Ann Robinson at (902) 494-1459, mary.ann.robinson@dal.ca, with any questions about this award.



The Michael Allen Award in Evidence-Based Medicine

This award recognizes an undergraduate student in their second year who has demonstrated exceptional recognition of the importance of and skill in the integration of principles of evidence-based medicine in patient care.

The Lea C. Steeves Award

This annual award highlights continuing medical education teachers who consistently provide an exceptionally high quality of education to their students.


The Wayne Putnam Award Recipients

2005 | Dr. Allan Abbass
2006 | Dr. Maureen Allen
2007 | Dr. David Berwick
2008 | Dr. Eric R. Gonza
2009 | Dr. Steven Soroka
2010 | Dr. Lynne Harrigan

2011 | Dr. Kenrick R. Lacey
2012 | Dr. James MacKillop
2013 | NS Senior's Mental Health Network
2014 | Dr. Marilyn MacKay-Lyons
2015 | Dr. David Whitehorn

The Lea C. Steeves Award Recipients

2000 | Dr. David R. Anderson
2001 | Dr. R. Allan Purdy
2001 | Dr. Kevork M. Peltekian
2002 | Dr. Lynne Harrigan
2003 | Dr. Constance LeBlanc
2004 | Dr. C.R. (Tim) Dean
2005 | Dr. Michael O'Reilly
2006 | Dr. Richard (Sam) Rowe

2007 | Dr. Simon D. Jackson
2008 | Dr. Thomas Ransom
2009 | Dr. James R. Bentley
2010 | Dr. Douglas E. Sinclair
2011 | Dr. Gordon Gubitz
2012 | Dr. Shelly McNeil
2013 | Dr. Stewart Cameron
2014 | Dr. Graeme Bethune