We would like to recognise our colleagues who have received the following grants and awards over the past year.  

September 2023

2023 Research Paper Award - AMEE Conference
Critical Discourse Analysis of Death and Dying in CBL
Dr Anna MacLeod

April 2023

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant, Insight and Connection: $199, 870 [CAD]
The promotions process as an act of power: An institutional ethnography of faculties of medicine in Canada.
PI: Sophie Soklaridis.
Co-Applicants: Constance LeBlanc,  Anna  Macleod, Beth-Ann Cummings, Teresa Chan, Boluwaji Ogunyemi, Mala Joneja, Erin Cameron, Maria Hubinette, Brett Schrewe, Lyn Sonnenberg, David Keegan, Ming-Ka Chan, Marilyn Baetz, Ayelet Kuper, Cynthia R. Whitehead, Kinnon MacKinnon.
Collaborators: Babar Haroon, Rachel Kronick, Saleem Razack, , Catherine Cervin, Diane M. Lougheed, Jane Philpott, Christina St-Onge, Julien Poitras, Melanie Lewis, Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, Aliya Kassam, Valerie H. Taylor, Sara Israels, Jerry Maniate, Sharon Whiting, Pier Bryden, Gillian Hawker, Patricia Houston, Morag C. Paton, Pooitsing Andrea Lum, Suzan Schneeweiss. Partners: Anna Karwowska, Geneviève Moineau.

March 2023

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Shifting Dynamics of Privilege and Marginalization: $29,935
Underrepresented in medicine: A meta-ethnography of underrepresented students’ experiences of medical school
Principal Investigator: Anna MacLeod
Co-Investigators: Rola Ajjawi, Sarah Burm, Paula Cameron, Olga Kits, Victoria Luong, Eli Manning, Robin Parker

February 2023

2023 AFMC John Ruedy Award for Innovation in Medical Education:
Dr. Joan Sargent

November 2022

Prof Low Chen Hock Award for Best Bright Idea - Transform Med Ed Conference 2022
CanMEDS Through a Different Lens: The Humanities as a Pedagogical Tool
Dr Wendy Stewart

November 2022

Best Research Presentation Award - AMEE Conference 2022
Negotiating Humanity: The Invisible Work of Cadaver Based Simulation
Dr Anna MacLeod

June 2022

Nova Scotia Health Research Fund $88,763.90
Making space for physician grief: A longitudinal discourse analysis
Prinicipal Investigator: Sarah Burm
Co-Investigators: Angela Cooper, Aruna Dhara, Sarah Fraser, Lara Hazelton, Anna MacLeod, and Stephen Miller, all Dalhousie University

May 2022

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Emerging Asocial Society $29,961
Unravelling grief: A scoping review of physicians' and nurses' experiences of grief during COVID-19

Prinicipal Investigator: Sarah Burm
Co-Investigators: Erin Kennedy, Western University; Frances Kilbertus, Northern Ontario School of Medicine; Anna MacLeod, Dalhousie University; Jackie Phinney, Dalhousie University; Susan Robinson, Canadore College

April 2022

Early Career Medical Educators (ECME) Champion Award
(CAME-Canadian Association for Medical Education)
Dr Sarah Burm