Our People

Dr. Stephen Miller, Associate Dean, CPDME; Associate Professor, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
902-494-1994 | Stephen.Miller@Dal.Ca
Mary Ann Robinson, Managing Director
902-494-1459 | mary.ann.robinson@dal.ca
Dr. Michael Allen, Director, Clinical Webinar Series
Post-retirement appointment | michael.allen@dal.ca
Dr. Edie Baxter, Director of Evidence-Based Medicine
902-494-4331 | ebaxter@dal.ca
Dr. Lisa Bonang, Director of Community Faculty Development and Community Hospital Programs
902-494-4331 | lmbonang@dal.ca
Dr. Sarah Burm, Health Professions Education Research Scientist
902-494-7045 | Sarah.Burm@dal.ca
Dr. Paula Cameron, Senior Research Associate
902-494-1239 | paula.cameron@dal.ca
Dr. Angela Cooper, Assistant Dean, Faculty Wellness; Assistant Professor, Depts of Psychiatry and Family Medicine
phone number to come | angela.cooper@dal.ca
Dr. Patrick Croskerry, Director of Critical Thinking
902-494-2234 | pgcxkerry@gmail.com
Dr. Arundhati Dhara, Co-Director, Medical Humanities-HEALS (DMNS)
902-494-1533 | aruna.dhara@dal.ca
Dr. Mike Fleming, Director of Large Programs; Family Physician
902-494-2106 | michael.fleming@dal.ca
Dr. Sarah Fraser, Co-Director, Medical Humanities-HEALS (DMNS)
902-494-1533 | SarahFraser@Dal.Ca
Jane Harris, Program Coordinator, Faculty Development
902-494-1560 | jane.harris@dal.ca
Deirdre Harvey, Program Coordinator, Accreditation; Webmaster; Administrative Assistant, Critical Thinking
902-494-2234 | deirdre.harvey@dal.ca
Dr. Lara Hazelton, Director of Academic Faculty Development; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry
902-494-4331 | lara.hazelton@dal.ca
Angela Hogan, Faculty Development & Engagement Manager DMNB
506-636-6008 | angela.hogan@dal.ca
Susan Love, Manager, Faculty Development
902-494-2631 | susan.love@dal.ca
Dr. Victoria Luong, Research Associate
902-494-1239 | vc394844@dal.ca
Kelly MacKinnon, Director of Academic Detailing; Pharmacist
902-494-1293 | kelly.mackinnon@dal.ca
Dr. Anna MacLeod, Director of Education Research
902-494-7861 | anna.macleod@dal.ca
Tanya MacLeod, Evaluation Specialist
902-494-3195 | tanya@dal.ca
Linda MacNutt, Special Projects Coordinator; Administrative Assistant - Communication Skills
902-494-6307 linda.macnutt@dal.ca
Anne Mahalik, Evaluation Specialist
902-494-3195 | Anne.Mahalik@Dal.Ca
Deborah Morton, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Administrative Assistant CPDME
phone number to come  | deborah.morton@dal.ca
Dr. Roberta Preston, Manager, Faculty Wellness
phone number to come | roberta.preston@dal.ca
Gillian Reid, Manager, CPDME Programs
902-494-2173 | gillian.reid@dal.ca
AnaBela Sardinha, Assistant to Research Team; Administrative Assistant - Medical Humanities-HEALS
902-494-1994/1533 | anabela.sardinha@dal.ca
Dr. Lisa Searle, Director of Faculty Development DMNB
506-636-6008 | lsearle@dal.ca
Dr. Joan Sargeant, post-retirement appointment
902-494-1995 | joan.sargeant@dal.ca
Dr. Wendy Stewart, Director, Medical Humanities-HEALS (DMNB)
902-494-1533 | wastewar@dal.ca
Lili Zhang, Program Coordinator, Community Hospital Programs; Webinars
902-494-1484 | lili.zhang@dal.ca