Important changes to CBL tutorial cases


Med 1 CBL Tutorial Case Diversification - The Case Diversification Committee is making available a series of resources for students, tutors, and faculty members on the changes made to the CBL tutorial cases, and on the dimensions of diversity that have been added to the cases. Watch this space as resources become available. Please note we are rolling out the new cases for the Med 1 class only during the 2022/23 academic year. The new Med 2 cases will be implemented in the following academic year (2023/24).

Resources for tutors, students, and faculty members:

Tutor and student FAQ

FacDev Lounge Podcast – “Why we are changing the way we teach to reflect the patients we actually see” with Dr Lynette Reid and Dr Sanja Stanojevic (hosted by Dr Sarah Gander)

Introduction to case diversification for students and tutors (important for the first cases of the year, as it discusses the approaches tutorial groups can take to discussion of these dimensions of diversity.) 

Names in cases and tutorial groups

A race-conscious approach to CBL cases

Sexual orientation and sex/gender identity in case diversification 

Upcoming sessions for tutors:

Recommended that tutors attend White Fragility Clinics which are available to register for throughout the year to discuss any challenges around language and experiences

October 26, 12:00-1:00pm: Creating a Psychologically Safe Tutorial Environment with Dr. Roberta Preston via MS Teams

October 27, 8:00-9:00am: Language matters: navigating stigma and respect in clinical education and patient care with Dr. Lynette Reid via Zoom 

Webinar Recordings: 

Contact for available recordings.