Enhance your skills

Build the confidence and skills you need to consistently improve your abilities as an educator, academic or scholar. Whether you want to learn how to provide better feedback to your students or you’d like to become a tutor, we offer a variety of learning opportunities to help you achieve your professional goals.

Regular offerings

CAT, RAT & iCAT programs

- Opportunities to build your teaching skills - whether you are a clinician or resident.

FacDev Thursdays Seminar Series
- A variety of 1 hour seminars, offered through webinar, from expert faculty covering the themes of: research, leadership, professional development & promotion, educational design & administration, and teaching.

Tutor Skill Development Program
- Develop your skills to facilitate small-group learning.

Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking (TACT)
- A four-month, online, asynchronous program to help develop your ability to teach and assess critical thinking.

Dalhousie Medical Education Institute
An annual day-long workshop-based Faculty Development event.

Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine (ELAM)
- An opportunity for you to enhance your leadership skills.
Customized & On-Demand Programs
- We can come to you and deliver a talk, presentation, or webinar on a topic that is important to you.
Fundamentals of Teaching Program
- Our newest program, which consists of a series of online courses to aid faculty in honing their teaching skills.