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Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine

Grow as a leader

Has your department or academic site identified a need to develop new leaders in medical education, research, or academic administration?

Would your succession plan benefit from opportunities to expand faculty leadership capacity in a local context? 

The Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine has introduced a program in academic leadership for clinical and basic science faculty, Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine (ELAM). The program provides an opportunity for faculty with limited leadership experience to become more familiar with the functioning of the medical school and acquire knowledge and skills to take on expanded roles in their academic settings. 

For more information

ELAM Information Sheet [PDF - 691 KB]

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ELAM Graduates

Congrats to our graduates!

Halifax, NS

Abidi, Sabina
Avery, Chandra
Aylott, Alice
Bergin, Fiona
Bowes, David
Brna, Paula
Brooks, Melissa
Callaghan, Laura
Chobotuk, Tara
Dhillon, Santokh
Foster, Jennifer Ruth
Gupta, R. Rishi
Haroon, Babar
Holland, Joanna
Hussain, Arif
Irwin, Mandi
Lovas, David
Manos, Sarah
McCormick, Craig
McKeen, Dolores
Mishra, Anuradha
Murphy, Cheryl
Penney, Lynette
Pickett, Gwynedd
Price, Victoria
Ramsey, Suzanne
Tang, David
Thoni, Andrea
Van Eyk, Nancy
Weerdenburg, Kirstin
Wells, Sarah
Williams, Geoffrey
Wong, Kenny

Fredericton, NB

Holloway, Erica
O'Connell, Colleen
Prendergast, John

Greenfield, NB

Tompkins, Allison

Moncton, NB

Gallant, Chris
Olatunde, Oluwasayo
Searle, Lisa

Saint John, NB

Blacquiere, Dylan
Brunt, Keith
Chan, Elisa
Pulinilkunnil, Thomas

Sydney, NS

Xu, Heping

Windsor, NS

Burke, Brian

Yarmouth, NS

Hussein, Abir

Comments from our graduates

"It was great to be able to complete the course work when I had the time, instead of having to fit a set time into my schedule."

"This challenged me but was not too difficult either. It was a good balance."

"I recognized that a lot of the faculty locally who are in leadership positions face the same challenges I face, regardless of department or leadership role. Overall, this was a fantastic course. I feel that it should be offered and be mandated for all faculty who take on a leadership role."

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and reflect on leadership."