Advancing global health

Global health matters to everyone, not just those in developing countries or marginalized communities. By working together, we can find solutions to address health issues that go beyond geographic borders and help decrease health inequities around the world, regardless of race, culture, gender or social class.

The Institute of Medicine defines global health as “health problems, issues, and concerns that transcend national boundaries, may be influenced by circumstances or experiences in other countries, and are best addressed by cooperative actions and solutions.”

A priority at Dalhousie

Global health education, research and clinical outreach are all major priorities of Dalhousie’s Global Health Office (GHO). Our work supports Dalhousie Medical School and the faculties of Health and Dentistry with an inclusive structure that incorporates the broader Dalhousie community.

The interprofessional and interdisciplinary approach we take is pivotal to our mission to build leadership within the Dalhousie community to advance global health. And our advisory committees work with us to enhance strategic partnerships in our local communities and across the globe.

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