For Medical Students

International Global Health Elective Opportunities


Completing an international global health elective as part of your training can be a rewarding experience. As you consider whether you may want to complete an international elective, it is important to think about your motivations and learning objectives.

Beginning in 2024 the Office of Community Partnerships and Global Health may offer a limited number of international global health elective opportunities. Details about those electives will be posted as they are available.

Medical students may also complete an independent elective. Independent electives must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Community Partnerships and Global Health. The process for submitting electives for approval is currently under review. The updated process will be outlined here when it is approved. In the meantime, if you have questions or want to have an elective opportunity considered, please contact Elise Sammons.

The following policies can help you determine how an international elective may fit with your program, and what the requirements are:

Students must complete a number of predeparture requirements before their elective. Contact Elise Sammons for more information about this process.