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Medical Residents

Develop your skills in global health

Delivering care from a global health perspective is necessary for physicians and health care providers. Global health doesn't only involve going overseas and volunteering in disaster-stricken areas, or countries with limited resources, but also includes advocating and providing care for underserved populations within Canada, such as the homeless, refugees and immigrants and remote communities.

Medical residents at Dalhousie University have been involved in international rotations with a focus on improving their clinical skills, teaching and/or research. Some Dalhousie residency programs that have global health electives include:

Global health options for you

Benefit from the many global health opportunities available to you:

Global health mentorship program

A mentor provides residents with a role model, guiding them through clinical practice and preparing them for future academic, clinical and leadership positions in global health. It's beneficial to have a mentor to guide you through the hurdles and opportunities as you embark on your career.

The global health mentorship program identifies faculty members to be mentors for residents, as well as residents to be mentors for students. Contact the GHO to join the mentorship program.

Research in global health

Residents can learn about global health through collaborative research with institutions in developing countries. Residents may work with investigators conducting research overseas, giving them the chance to learn about basic science and clinical research methods, specific global health topics and research ethics.

Time's often a limiting factor for residents. Often it's easier for a resident to do part of an established project themselves, under the supervision of a faculty research mentor. Find out which faculty are currently involved in global health research.

Educational experiences

Local populations in any country or community struggle with issues of health disparity. This provides residency programs with local opportunities to expose residents to global health concerns. Opportunities include homeless shelters, refugee or immigrant health clinics, travel clinics and tuberculosis and HIV clinics.

Collaboration with immigrant advocacy groups, legal assistance programs and similar agencies can help residents acquire skills in working with diverse communities, including leadership skills and awareness of issues in the communities and neighborhoods they served.

Contact us to learn about current educational opportunities.

Funding Support

The GHO will host regular events to inspire and inform health professionals, students and the community to become more involved in global health. Visit our events page or follow us on Twitter.

For more information on global health education opportunities for medical residents please contact Said Msabaha.