Program Director's Awards


These awards recognize outstanding contributions of residency program directors who teach residents and fellows; develop, organize and administer training programs; develop innovative approaches to teaching, research, and evaluation; or serve as mentors and advocates to postgraduate medical trainees.


Up to two (2) awards may be presented annually, and each winner will receive a small plaque, and have his or her name added to a larger commemorative plaque, along with a $500 prize to be used to support their residency training program in any way he or she chooses.

Winners will be notified by the end of May and will be recognized at the Annual Faculty Meeting of the Faculty of Medicine. Family Medicine Site Directors are not eligible for this award.

A “former” program director may be nominated if the individual has completed his or her term within the 12 months preceding the deadline for receipt of applications (i.e. between February 28, 2019 and February 28, 2020.)

Nomination process

Nomination may be made for two (2) categories of award: for individuals who qualify for both categories a single nomination package can be used.

1. Innovations in Postgraduate Education (e.g. new course/curriculum development; development of new evaluation tools; development of new instructional methods/modules; restructuring of teaching/evaluation components; beginning competency- based teaching and assessment; etc.).

2. Leadership (e.g. acknowledgement of continuous or long-term excellence in instruction, promotion of collegiality, role modeling, local and national leadership roles).

Criteria and Considerations

1. All nomination packages must be submitted electronically as a single PDF file including the checklist.

2. Nominations may be submitted by any member of Dalhousie's Faculty or by residents.

3. A previous winner may be nominated for an award again five (5) years after receipt of the award.

4. The awards committee will consider the following four categories in reviewing applications. Contributions in these categories should, therefore, be addressed in the nomination letter:

a. Contribution to the program – e.g. innovations introduced by the program director; contributions to program curriculum or assessment methods or administrative processes; topic-specific teaching by the program director; advocacy, mentorship and support for residents; success in dealing with critical incidents; administrative ability and success

b. Contribution to Dalhousie PGME generally – e.g. attendance and engagement with PGME Committee activities and events, engagement with PGME-sponsored activities, participation and leadership of PGME-based subcommittees or task forces, provision of faculty development around PGME topics to the PGME community at large

c. Contribution and engagement with PGME activities nationally and/or internationally eg. attendance and presentations at national or international education meetings (e.g. ICRE, CCME, AMEE), contributions to education scholarship (multiple forms), national education leadership roles in the specialty (e.g. exam committee chair, specialty committee chair)

d. Other postgraduate educational innovation and leadership activities

Nomination Package Requirements:

The electronic submission must include the following documents as well as a completed checklist. Please submit all components of the nomination package electronically as a single PDF to Without the completed checklist the nomination will be considered incomplete and WILL NOT be considered.

1. Nomination letter providing a summary of the specific innovation(s) or leadership activities that lead to the nomination (no more than three (3) pages)

2. Letter of support from the Department Chair

3. Two (2) additional reference letters, one of which must be from a resident. Please submit

ONLY two reference letters. Additional letters will not be considered.

4. Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (no more than five (5) pages)

5. Completed Nomination Checklist (see end of application information)


The deadline date for e-submission of the nomination package to the PGME Office is Monday, March 16, 2020. Late nominations WILL NOT be considered.

Selection Process

The nominations will be reviewed and winners chosen by the Faculty of Medicine Awards Committee. The PGME office is not involved in the selection process other than as the recipient of applications.

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Ryan at (902) 494-1850 or email at