Program Director's Awards

Do you have an extraordinary postgraduate program director? Do you ever wish you could do something to acknowledge their work to support your program?

In an effort to recognize the work that many program directors do to facilitate postgraduate medical education here at Dalhousie, in 2015 we created the annual Dalhousie Program Director of the Year Award.

This award is our way to celebrate leadership and/or innovation in postgraduate medical education.

Please review the selection criteria and consider nominating your program director for this prestigious award. The deadline for nominations is: March 11, 2019.

Please address the letters of nomination to Dr. Amy Ornstein, Chair, Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Awards Committee.

All applications will be collected by PGME and forwarded to the awards committee at the closing date.

To facilitate this process, please submit applications electronically to Christine Silver Smith, Directo –Dalhousie PGME at: