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Faculty Research

Advancing Knowledge; Influencing Practice 

Many academic faculty members utilize funding from provincial and national agencies such as the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  (A full list of funding agencies can be found on our website.) Covering a diverse range of issues -   the use of technology in family practice, psycho-oncology, end-of-life care, chronic disease management and physician well-being – faculty research has been published in both national and international peer-reviewed journals.  Several studies, such as the ‘Care by Design’ project, have influenced the way in which patient care is managed throughout the province.


Resident Research

Get involved

Knowing how to discuss and use research knowledge is a critical component of resident education.  In fact, some will choose to engage in research as part of their required resident projects.  We’re proud to report that several of these have been presented at national and international conferences, earning national awards as well as inclusion in highly recognized peer-reviewed journals.  A notable example, in 2007, saw the College of Family Physicians of Canada give a national research award for Drs Jan Sommers and Marie-Josée Klett for their resident project, “Troponin 1 Assessment of Middle-Aged Adults in the Emergency Department:  Factors Associated with Troponin Elevation and Patterns of Use”.  


Community Preceptors

It’s all about Community

Community faculty members – full-time clinicians with little, if any, protected research time – are encouraged to partake in research projects, with academic faculty available to assist.  It is not uncommon for successful academic research programs to have their roots in community faculty members’ research questions.  In addition, community faculty members may choose to be involved in the Maritime Family Practice Research Network.  Through research initiatives, our family doctors are helping lead the way toward healthier families and communities throughout the Maritimes and Canada. 


Maritime Family Practice Research Network (MARNET-FP)

Growing a net of knowledge, one practice at a time

Open to any practicing family physician/general practitioner in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island – and any health care professionals collaborating with family physicians – MaRNet-FP was developed to foster research interests and expertise.  The network enables community family physicians and academic family physicians to combine their skills and resources in conducting more effective primary care research.  Participation offers professional educational opportunities


Educational Opportunities

What are you doing this summer?

The various family medicine teaching sites provide research opportunities to undergraduate students during the summer, as well as medical and non-medical graduate students and post-doctoral fellowships.  These sites are able to facilitate the use of numerous research specialists from a variety of backgrounds to act as mentors.


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