Meet our researchers

Our researchers are building the foundation for a better health care system in Canada's Maritime provinces.

Through research initiatives, our family doctors, PhD researchers, and Tier II Canada Research Chair are helping lead the way toward healthier families and communities throughout the Maritimes and Canada—from enhanced knowledge of conditions and illnesses to better treatments and services. Our research laboratory encompasses family practices and their patients in communities throughout the Maritimes. The Maritime Family Practice Research Network (MaRNet) brings the practices together for this purpose. BRIC NS—an acronym for Building Research for Integrated Primary Care in Nova Scotia—is a research network that seeks to improve primary health care and integrated services for people with—or at risk of developing—complex health care needs by building capacity for conduction and application of patient-oriented research with patients, communities, researchers, policymakers and other professionals in Nova Scotia.

We strive to engage medical students, residents, and other health professionals and graduate research students from a variety of backgrounds to build primary health care research capacity in Canada.

Our goal is to improve outcomes for patients by providing the best research-based care we can.

As part of the growing local, national and international primary health-care research community, we welcome your interest and look forward to future collaborations.