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Dr. Helena Piccinini

Faculty researcher

Department of Family Medicine

Email: helena.piccinini@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 473-5691


  • BSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • MSc, Dalhousie University
  • MD, Dalhousie University
  • CCFP

Research Interests

Dr. Piccinini's research interests are about patient-centredness, particularly as it relates to challenging conversations that clinicians have with patients pertaining to issues such as excess weight. Her focus is primarily around patient-centredness in the context of excess gestational weight gain.

Additionally, Dr. Piccinini was awarded the "CIHR Strategic Training Fellow in Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care Research 2014 - 2015.” 

Selected Publications

  1. Piccinini-Vallis H, Lee-Baggley D, Stewart M, Ryan BL. Gestational weight gain trajectories in Nova Scotia primary care. Canadian Family Physician 2016;62:e407-14.
  2. Woolcott C, Dodds L, Ashley-Martin J, Piccinini-Vallis H. Distribution of pregnancy-related weight measures in Nova Scotia, 2003-2013. Canadian Family Physician. 2016;62:e400-6.
  3. Kuhle S, Doucette R, Piccinini-Vallis H, Kirk SFL. (2015) Successful childhood obesity management in primary care in Canada: what are the odds? PeerJ 3:e1327 https://dx.doi.org/10.7717/peerj.1327
  4. Woolcott C, Dodds L, Ashley-Martin J, Piccinini-Vallis H. Distribution of pregnancy-related weight measures in Nova Scotia, 2003-2013. Canadian Family Physician (in press) Manuscript ID 2014-09-CFP-0275.R1
  5. Abidi S, Vallis M, Abidi SR, Piccinini-Vallis H, Imran A. D-WISE: Diabetes Web-Centric Information and Support Environment-Conceptual Specification and Proposed Evaluation. Canadian Journal of Diabetes 2014;38(3):205-211.
  6. Piccinini-Vallis H. A Very Special Lady. Family Medicine 2014;46(4):306-307.
  7. Kirk S, Aston M, Price S, Penney T, Piccinini-Vallis H, Vallis M. Blame, shame and lack of support: A Multilevel Study on Obesity Management. Qualitative Health Research 2014; 24(6):790-800.
  8. Piccinini-Vallis H. Obesity Management: More Than Just Numbers. The Canadian Journal of Diagnosis 2013;30(7):39-4. Invited submission.
  9. Vallis M, Piccinini-Vallis H, Freedhoff Y, Sharma A. A Modified 5 As Minimal Intervention For Obesity Counselling in Primary Care. Canadian Family Physician 2013;59:27-31.
  10. Piccinini-Vallis H. Addressing Excess Weight in Type 2 Diabetes.  The Diabetes Communicator. Autumn 2011; 4-5. Invited submission.
  11. Piccinini-Vallis H. Diagnosis and Management of Obesity: a Survey of General Practitioners’ Awareness of and Familiarity with the 2006 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines. Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 2011;35(3):269-273.

Selected Presentations

  1. Management of Gestational Weight Gain in Primary Care. Canadian Obesity Summit.  Toronto, May 2015. Invited plenary keynote presentation.
  2. Patient-Centredness in Addressing Obesity in Primary Care. Congresso Internacional de Tratamento da Obesidade. Maringa’ (Brazil), October 2014. Invited presentation.
  3. A Patient-Centred Minimal Intervention Method for Addressing Gestational Weight Gain. Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia. Halifax, October 2014. Invited presentation.
  4. The Role of Primary Care Providers in Attenuating Excessive Pregnancy-Associated Weight Gain. Workshop. Canadian Obesity Summit. Vancouver, 2013. Invited presentation.
  5. Obesity Management. Dalhousie Annual Refresher. Halifax, December 2012.
  6. Pediatric Obesity Management in Primary Care: Whither? Family Practice Nurses Association of Nova Scotia Annual Conference. Halifax, October 2012. Invited presentation.