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Research Networks

Sharing resources and expertise

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Funded by CIHR and NSHRF, the Building Research for Integrated Primary Healthcare (BRIC NS) brings together researchers, clinicians, policy makers, patients and other stakeholders in Nova Scotia‚Äôs primary and integrated health care system.  As part of a pan-Canadian research network, NS-PIHCI identifies, supports and scales-up research with a particular emphasis on people with complex needs.

BRIC NS has a multi-disciplinary membership made up of people working within and outside of the health care system. To learn more about BRIC NS, including how to join, visit the website.

Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN)

For more inforamtion on the CPCSSN network, please visit the website.


Collaborative Research for Primary Healthcare originates from a Strategic Research Initiative Grant from Dalhousie University. Thisinter-faculty research team is designed tobuild collaborative primary healthcare projects that cross faculties and disciplines.  Working together are researchers from family medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, occupational and physical therapy, social work, psychology, sociology, epidemiology, health informatics, health policy and more.  Exciting developments are in the works for the coming year!  For more information, please visit us at http://dal.ca/cor-phc

Maritime Family Practice Research Network


  • To develop a network of Family Practices across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that can collaborate on research projects to improve health care in the Maritimes.
  • To enable community Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to combine their relevant questions, skills and resources with the expertise and resources of academic family physicians to conduct Primary Care research.
  • To conduct and support primary care research in practice-based settings that addresses questions of importance to Family Medicine and improve health care delivery to, and the health status of, patients and their families in the Maritime provinces.


Home base: Dalhousie Family Medicine, Halifax NS
Established: 2005
Founded by: Dr. Wayne Putnam

Current Network Director: Dr. Fred Burge