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Content Objective: Diabetes Type II

By the end of the Family Medicine Clerkship, the medical student will be able to:

  1. Identify patients at risk for T2DM and select an appropriate screening strategy.

  2. Diagnose DM using current criteria.

  3. Discuss with patients the importance of lifestyle in the management of diabetes and the prevention of complications, especially the role of exercise, nutrition and avoidance of tobacco.

  4. Propose an initial therapeutic plan for patients with T2DM and identify major drug side effects.

  5. Describe recommended targets (glycemic control, lipids, blood pressure) for specific diabetic patients.

  6. Propose a surveillance plan for patients with T2DM including the role of flowsheets and/or electronic records, and identification of end-organ damage.

Mandatory Clinical Encounter

  • Diabetes

* Where a specific resource is not listed for a particular objective, please refer to recommended general texts/websites. Resources have often been selected from the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols in British Columbia and Alberta’s Towards Optimized Practice Clinical Practice Guidelines. These are often concise summaries of national guidelines.