Patient Care

Care of people, treatment and management of disorders

Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism members provide specialized care to people with hormonal and metabolic disorders via inpatient and consultation services, and ambulatory care clinics at the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the IWK Health Centre.

The majority of patients who need our expertise have diabetes. Unfortunately, Nova Scotia has among the highest prevalence of diabetes in Canada. We provide state-of-the-art management of this disease by working closely with the Diabetes Management Centre and with specialist and primary care providers.

We also participate in clinics for patients with thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, lipid disorders and osteoporosis. Our clinics include a joint endocrine-surgery clinic.

Interdisciplinary, evidence-based care

We work as a team and with colleagues in many disciplines outside of our division to provide the best possible patient care. Our residents participate fully in care delivery and support medical students in becoming more comfortable with a clinical environment.

As academic physicians, we deliver care based on the latest research and best practices in our field. All of our division members participate in ongoing quality assurance projects and patient safety initiatives, ensuring we provide the highest quality, safe patient care.

Ambulatory care clinics (at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, unless noted):

  • General endocrine clinic (QEII Health Sciences Centre and Hants Community Hospital)
  • Lipid clinic
  • Halifax neuropituitary program
  • Osteoporosis clinic
  • Rapid consult clinic
  • Surgical endocrinology clinic
  • Thyroid biopsy clinic
  • Interdisciplinary thyroid oncology clinic
  • Diabetes in pregnancy clinic (IWK Health Centre)
  • Preconception clinic (IWK Health Centre)