Our People

Care providers, educators, researchers and policy advisors

Our division includes specialized endocrinologists who work with skilled nurses, research coordinators and administrators to advance the care, education and study of hormonal and metabolic disorders.

We are enthusiastic teachers of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education, and are a team of clinical researchers. We are also patient advocates who support local groups, such as Cushing’s Support Group and Partners for Healthier Weight, and policy advisors on provincial and national committees and working groups with the Dalhousie Department of Medicine, the Diabetes Care Program, the Canadian Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism and Choosing Wisely.

Name Special interest
Dr. Ali Imran
Division head
Pituitary Disorders
Thyroid Disorders
Dr. Barna De Diabetes
General Endocrinology
Dr. Shirl Gee General Endocrinology
Dr. Stephanie Kaiser Calcium Disorders
Thyroid Disorders
General Endocrinology
Dr. Vicki Munro  
Dr. Thomas Ransom General Endocrinology
Thyroid Disorders
Dr. Ferhan Siddiqi General Endocrinology
Dr. Churn-Ern Yip Diabetes
Thyroid Disorders
Male Hypogonadism
General Endocrinology

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Remigius Agu, PhD Pharmacology
Younis Anini, PhD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. David B. Clarke Neurosurgery

Academic only appointments

Dr. Rashid Ahmed
Saint John, NB
Dr. Christa Bowes
Fredericton, NB
Dr. John Dornan
Saint John, NB
Dr. Tania Gallant
Moncton, NB
Dr. Janice Ho (Shivakumar)
Dartmouth, NS
Dr. Stephen Hull
Saint John, NB
Dr. Santhosh Narayanan Lakshmi
Summerside, PEI
Dr. Michael Pelkey
Waterville, NB
Dr. Keillor Steeves
Moncton, NB
Dr. Nadine Vaninetti
Dartmouth, NS
Dr. Deborah Zwicker
Sydney, NS