Patient Care

Excellence in assessing and treating frail elderly patients

The Division of Geriatric Medicine provides secondary and tertiary care to frail elderly patients throughout Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces. Our division is committed to providing outstanding care, to improving patient safety and to conducting research that informs care decisions and protocols. Many evidence-based care innovations developed by the division are considered gold standard for the treatment of frail elderly patients everywhere.

The Centre for Health Care of the Elderly (CHCE) provides specialized interdisciplinary care for elderly patients and is involved in consultation, education, research and advocacy. The CHCE includes

  • the Geriatric Assessment Unit (GAU)
  • the Geriatric Restorative Unit
  • the Progressive Care Unit
  • Geriatric Consultation Services – inpatient and outpatient
  • the Geriatric Day Hospital
  • the Palliative and Therapeutic Harmonization Clinic (PATH)
  • the Memory Disorder Clinic

Our division offers a consultation service at the Dartmouth General Hospital, as well as satellite geriatric clinics in various communities across Nova Scotia. Our geriatricians offer home visits in order to assess housebound patients and elderly patients in their own homes. We also offer nursing home visits to provide expert advice on care issues in individual nursing home patients.