Our People

A highly skilled and dedicated team

Medical students and residents learn from a highly skilled team of geriatric clinical specialists and medical researchers with a strong commitment to excellence in patient care, education and scientific inquiry.

Our division comprises geriatric physicians and researchers based at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre and the Saint John Regional Hospital, all of whom are faculty members at Dalhousie University in the departments of Medicine, Community Health & Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Neurology, Pharmacology, Psychology and/or the School of Health Administration.

Faculty members

Name Academic rank Special interest
Dr. Paige Moorhouse
Interim division head / service chief
Professor Clinical / Research
Dr. Melissa Andrew Associate professor Clinical / Research
Dr. Costa Apostolides Assistant professor Clinical
Dr. Daniel Carver Associate professor Clinical
Dr. Alison Dixon Assistant professor  
Dr. Susan Freter Associate professor Clinical
Dr. Katalin Koller Assistant professor Clinical
Dr. Alethea Lacas Assistant professor Clinical
Dr. Laurie Mallery Professor Clinical
Dr. Kenneth Rockwood Professor Clinical / Research
Dr. Maia von Maltzahn Assistant Professor Education Program Director


Name Academic rank
Dr. Sam Searle Locum until April 30, 2022

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Susan Bowles College of Pharmacy
Dr. John Fisk Psychiatry
Dr. Mary Gorman Family Medicine
Dr. Susan Howlett Pharmacology
Dr. Susan Kirkland Community Health & Epidemiology

Adjunct appointments

Name Site
Dr. Abdulla Aal Ali
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr. Janice Keefe
Paula McLaughlin QEII HSC
Dr. Xiaowei Song

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Usman Ahmed
St. Joseph’s Hospital
Dr. Julie Chandler
Yarmouth Regional
Dr. Kathleen Clarkson
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Leo Marlon Cruz
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Diyana Docheva
(assistant professor)
South Shore Regional
Dr. Patrick Feltmate
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Benjamin Glickstein
(assistant professor)
Miramichi Regional
Dr. Pamela Jarrett
(associate professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Elizabeth MacDonald
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Donna MacNeil
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Megan McGarry
(assistant professor)
The Moncton Hospital
Dr. Elizabeth Rhynold
(assistant professor)