Collaborative and multidisciplinary research programs

As a medical student or resident, you'll be supported and mentored in research activities, plus you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with internationally-known clinical scientists. Join our division members as they work on a wide range of groundbreaking studies and clinical trials.

This opportunity will expose you to expertise in areas like:

  • pharmoeconomic research
  • health outcomes analysis
  • translational research
  • population health research
  • evaluation of wait times and access to cancer care

Our research partners

In Dalhousie’s Division of Medical Oncology, clinical trials involving both pharmaceutical and academic collaborative group sponsors are coordinated and managed through the Atlantic Clinical Cancer Research Unit (ACCRU). At any one time, ACCRU oversees 30 to 50 clinical trials spanning all disease sites. These trials not only benefit patients by providing new knowledge, they also offer direct access to new treatments that might not otherwise be available.