Division Head Message

Excellence in all aspects of academic nephrology practice

The Division of Nephrology’s 11 academic nephrologists provide excellent clinical care, strong kidney research programs and exceptional learning opportunities for students, residents and fellows. We provide tertiary care nephrology services to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and renal transplantation care to patients in the Atlantic provinces.

Our division manages patients with all aspects of renal disease but is a national leader in genetic renal diseases, home dialysis therapies and transplantation. Division members are actively involved with government and the provincial health authority to plan the future of renal care in the province through the Renal Program and Multi-Organ Transplant Program.

We value research for the difference that it can make in the lives of people with kidney disease. Members of our faculty are national leaders in research into chronic kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation. Researchers in our division have received extensive grant support and published high-impact papers. Involvement of trainees in all aspects of research is a core value of the Division of Nephrology.

Our division places a high priority on education at all levels. Several of our faculty members have received teaching awards, both locally and nationally. The focus of our nephrology subspecialty training program and post-nephrology transplant fellowship program is on education and career development rather than service. Both programs have been highly rated by trainees as well as accreditation bodies.


Dr. Kenneth West
Head/Chief, Division of Nephrology