Our People

A team of world-class academic nephrologists

Our academic nephrologists at Nova Scotia Health Authority and affiliated nephrologists at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital have academic appointments with Dalhousie University. All are actively involved in medical education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as in continuing professional development for physicians. Division members are also involved in clinical research, including pharmaceutical-based clinical trials.

Faculty members

Name Academic rank Special interest
Dr. Kenneth West
Division head / service chief
Professor Renal Transplant
Dr. David Clark Assistant professor Home Dialysis
Dr. Christine Dipchand Professor  
Dr. Neil Finkle Associate professor  
Dr. Tammy Keough-Ryan Professor Renal Transplant
Dr. Keigan More Assistant professor 1 year locum starting July 1, 2019
Dr. Romuald Panek Associate professor  
Dr. Penelope Poyah Assistant professor  
Dr. Steven Soroka Professor  
Dr. Karthik Tennankore Associate professor  
Dr. Amanda Vinson (was Miller)
Assistant professor  
Dr. Michael West Professor Fabry Disease

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys

Adjunct appointments

Name Site
Dr. Ahmad Tarakji
King Saudi University

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Nessa Gogan
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Thomas Hewlett
(assistant professor)
Cape Breton Regional
Dr. Martin MacKinnon
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. A. Ross Morton
Saint John Regional
Dr. Christine Pippy
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Paul Sohi
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Senyo Tagboto
(assistant professor)
Yarmouth Regional
Dr. Siva Thanamayooran
(assistant professor)
Cape Breton Regional
Dr. Gordon Yeung
(assistant professor)
Cape Breton Regional