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Intensive interdisciplinary learning

The five-year Dalhousie Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Training Program is founded on interdisciplinary learning and individualized support from accomplished faculty members.

The curriculum is designed to offer opportunities in all areas of special interest, either as part of the core training experience or electively, and provide ample exposure to clinical research. Graduating residents have an excellent success rate with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons final exams.


The program is unique in that it begins with a three-month general rehabilitation rotation, which includes exposure to trauma, stroke, traumatic brain injury, amputee and spinal cord injury (may include one month on the consult service). Other rotations include:

  • 1 three-month general internal medicine rotation
  • 3 one-month medicine selectives, e.g. dermatology, neurology, cardiology
  • 2 one-month surgical selectives, e.g. plastics, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics
  • 1 one-month psychiatry rotation
  • 1 one-month geriatrics rotation
  • 1 one-month selective rotation


  • 2 one-month selectives, e.g. family practice, radiology, other medicine
  • 1 six-month core training in physical medicine & rehabilitation
  • 1 three-month rotation in neurology or orthopedic surgery
  • 1 one-month research rotation
  • 1 one-month cardiopulmonary rehabilitation rotation


  • 2 three-month physical medicine & rehabilitation rotations
  • 1 one-month research rotation
  • 2 three-month rotations in neurology or orthopedic surgery, rheumatology or pediatrics


  • 1 one-month rotation in rehabilitation of neuromuscular diseases
  • 1 three-month rotation in each of the following:
    • rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology or pediatrics
    • electrodiagnostics
    • outpatient musculoskeletal
    • core rehabilitation (inpatient)


  • 1 one-month research rotation
  • 1 two-month rehabilitation consultation rotation
  • three months of rehabilitation selectives, e.g. general outpatient, senior resident clinics, inpatient short-term rehabilitation
  • seven months of electives
  • longitudinal senior resident clinic, one per week, starting general PGY4 – general PGY3