Selection Criteria & How to Apply

Finding a perfect match from the start

How to apply

Medical students and residents interested in applying to the Dalhousie Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program do so through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Selection criteria

The applicant interview is a primary tool for the selection committee when evaluating and choosing applicants who we believe to be the best fit for our program.

Other considerations

  • Academic record: The academic record of all applicants is reviewed by the selection committee and a strong academic record (pre-clinical and especially clinical) is highly rated.
  • Breadth and depth of exposure to physical medicine & rehabilitation: Attention is paid to undergraduates who have had exposure to fields of medicine or health care related to physical medicine and rehabilitation (i.e., sufficient to allow the candidate to be confident in their career choice).
  • References: Particularly important are references from clinicians or researchers that you've worked with, especially in PM&R or related fields.
  • Community involvement: Evidence of your interest in the field through involvement with community agencies serving the disabled or elective experiences in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Research: Attention is paid to research experience in any field of medicine including physical medicine and rehabilitation.