Master's Program

A stepping stone to greater study

As a graduate student within the Department of Pathology’s two-year MSc program, you’ll study the essential nature of disease while also learning to take a wide variety of approaches to discover the mechanisms responsible for disease.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue a PhD. Or, if you’re ready to join the workforce when you’re done, you could consider an academic career or seek a position as an industry research assistant. You’ll also:

  • have a general understanding of most areas of human pathology at the upper graduate level
  • have a deeper understanding of specific areas of study at the graduate level and in thesis research
  • be able to perform research in a specialized area of human pathology
  • know how to design and conduct experiments
  • be equipped to critically evaluate experimental results and interpret them accurately
  • be able to present seminars or lectures to other students and to scientific audiences

Please note: This program is not intended to prepare you for a specific clinical laboratory function.

Download the Standard Response to Graduate Studies Inquries (PDF).

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